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What they take with them to the hospital

Expectant mother and her family in anticipation of the holiday, which will give the hospital are kindly requested to take care of all the components of this exciting event. It is important to all: the willingness of documents, the selection of the right things for the pregnant woman and the unborn baby, well thought-out "scenario" statements.

What they take with them to the hospital

Instruction that take with them to the hospital

Step 1:

In advance, take a list of documents, objects and things that are recommended to bring it into your hospital: providing all different, which is strictly a state-owned, and where not.

Step 2:

All right fold in separate packages: documents; things for "prenatal" and childbirth; things for discharge. The Documents folder insert: - passport; - Birth certificate; - Insurance; - Filled exchange card; - The results of analysis of the situation on AIDS; - The results of ultrasound (if any); - Data from the hospital coordinates (address, phone).

Step 3:

Learn in advance what will be the relationship of the hospital to the outside world (only mobile or payphone, mobile phone reception, etc.) it is possible to take a camera, a video camera, player. Stock up on paper with a pen and a pencil (for notes, memos right) .Not sure about the favorite reading.

Step 4:

Take all the necessary hygiene items: soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, baby soap, face cream and hand, comb, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, napkins, facial tissue or a small towel (for wiping sweat, if necessary) polyethylene bags for soiled laundry.

Step 5:

Consider a set of clothes for the Chamber and the things that will be needed in childbirth and after. Useful: - cotton nightgown or a long T-shirt, cotton pants; - Socks made of natural fabrics; - Slippers (washable).

Step 6:

Take care of supplementary feeding, as authorized in a particular hospital. Often the situation is popular non-carbonated mineral water and a specially brewed a thermos of herbal tea for delivery.

Step 7:

For the post-natal period, prepare a comfortable cotton blouse, shirt or coat. Bring two bra with front closure for feeding, chest pads, the collection of milk, special pads and nipple cream for healing of possible cracks.

Step 8:

To care for newborns buy diapers. In a statement purchase light and warm vests, cap and hat, and a thin flannelette diapers, envelope, or one or two children's blankets. For the envelope may need sliders or pants with socks, blouse. celebrations culprit is necessary to prepare clothes to size, without correction for the former stomach. All apparel - for the weather.