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What to be prepared when you go to the sea with a baby

Going on a trip to the sea with a small child, it is necessary to take into account some specific points. Vacation with the baby has its own nuances. To rest was not marred by anything, parents should be fully prepared.

What to be prepared when you go to the sea with a baby


medicine chest

On the Internet a lot of lists of essential drugs for the trip to the sea. You can ask advice from your pediatrician. But any list would still have to supplement. If the family is going abroad, the kit should be as complete. Indeed, in Egypt or Turkey, it will be difficult to buy a familiar medicine or its equivalent.

In the case of travel within the country's own first aid kit can be assembled less. But always be sure to take those drugs that must be taken in an emergency: fever, diarrhea medication, for example. Even put it in the medicine cabinet all that were treated with kid recently. If the child shortly before the trip get cold, and treated him to any particular means of a cold, take it with you. In chronic diseases all designated doctor medications need to bring along.

At sea, the kids often get sick. It affects the stress from changing their place and climate. Expenditure on medicines in the resort towns can be very large. Therefore, a supply of money in such a case to have.

Sleeping area

When parents book their accommodation, they need to think about where their child will sleep. This may be a separate cot or an extra adult bed. Someone will comfortably sleep with crumbs on a double bed.

The trip - a lot of stress for the children, which often affects their ability to ask for a pot. Even children 4-5 years of age can begin to wet the bed during sleep. So be sure to take with you or ask at the hotel most of the oilcloth, to protect the mattress.

A large number of clothes

Even if possible, wash better to take a trip to the sea with a large number of baby pants, jerseys, shorts replaced. When you live at home, not really start thinking about how often dresses up her baby. And during the holidays have to change clothes more often: children often spill something on yourself, do not have time to use the toilet, etc. A complete set of clothes is always and everywhere to be with him.

Diapers and baby food

If the baby needs diapers, better to take them a little more. It does not always have the opportunity to buy them, or they simply do not in stores, or they are very expensive. In foreign countries there other unknown brand of diapers, and after they have kids, too, is an allergy. This also applies to child nutrition. To minimize the acclimatization, better feed the baby familiar puree and cereals. In no case can not introduce new products in a feeding trip.


Children's body is rebuilt approximately 2 weeks. During this time the baby gets used to the active sun, sea breeze and a high temperature. The first week of acclimatization only begins, so if within 7 days of the child feels fine, it does not mean anything. Do not take it with him on numerous trips or bathing in the sea all day. It was the second week there is an active restructuring of the body, and then begins diarrhea or a runny nose. In each individual case, acclimatization will be different. We must be prepared for it and take care of the child for at least two weeks.

Rest is desirable to plan or short or very long (3 weeks or more). In the first case will not acclimatization. In the second and the baby will have time to adapt, and to relax.

Health care

It is advisable before the rest to find out where your child will be able to provide medical assistance. If the family is going abroad, it is better to take out insurance which will cover all expenses in case of need. Within Russia there MHI policy. With it, you can refer to a local pediatrician. Where is the clinic, registry phone and call your doctor at home to record well in advance. Contacts Pay pediatrician will also come in handy if the baby priboleet weekend when clinic is not working. All the information can be easily found by writing to local young mothers.

Young parents will have to think not only about how to relax, but also how to make your trip safe and pleasant for your baby. Baby stuff, mashed potatoes, diapers take up a lot of space. You have to be mentally prepared that the case for the child will be even more than a parent.