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What to bring to the hospital

The trip to the hospital should not catch you by surprise, so you need to prepare all the necessary things in advance. You should not rely on the fact that everything you need you and your child bring in relatives of the hospital.

What to bring to the hospital

Instruction what to bring to the hospital

Step 1:

Documents required for the hospital Take the first with an insurance policy, the parent passport and the passport of the citizen of Russia. In the last weeks of pregnancy should carry these documents permanently, because labor may begin suddenly for you and ahead of schedule. If you want your husband in childbirth was next to you, do not forget to take the spouse's passport and a certificate about his health.

Step 2:

Things needed during delivery is possible that you will have a long time to be in the prenatal ward. Take to a mobile phone. Typically, doctors are asked to turn off cell phones, therefore please activate silent mode. Almost every mobile phone has a stopwatch - necessary and useful thing during labor. Use it to keep track of their frequency. In the prenatal ward bring a bottle of drinking water. She moisten your mouth, but do not drink it, otherwise you may provoke vomiting. During labor women it gets cold, so bring a jacket in the room and warm socks.

Step 3:

Things you need in the hospital do not forget to bring personal hygiene items: shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. Buy in-store pre-linen from natural fabrics. Also, after giving birth, you will need spacers. Take along as much as possible of wet wipes. They have to be used instead of toilet paper - postpartum female organs are damaged, and they need special care. To take the hair comb and a rubber band. Prepare a towel for hands, face and body. Buy rubber slippers, as you walk in shower, and warm and fluffy slippers will get wet. Bring along the necessary utensils.

Step 4:

Things for the baby: 1. Disposable diapers for newborns Pacifier 2. 3. If you do not swaddle a baby, take a pair of sliders 3, 4 vests, cotton and warm hat, socks, mittens "Scratchy".