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What to choose porridge for the first feeding

Now in stores a huge number of children represented by cereals, including instant cereals suitable for first feeding. Prices very different, there are cereals more expensive, there are cheaper. Consider a few well-known manufacturers of cereals average price category. Let's see, is it always associated price and quality.

What to choose porridge for the first feeding

We consider porridge mid-range, about 120 rubles. per pack. Note that almost all manufacturers of children's cereal porridges dairy produce and dairy-free and with various additives (fruit, etc.), we dwell on this detail will not. Based on personal observations, we describe the main pros and cons of children's cereals.

The best, in our opinion, are the porridge Bebi (Baby), and by Heinz (Heinz).

Kasha Bebi (Baby). Good porridge! It dissolves and swells. It is convenient to prepare: did not form lumps! It contains no artificial flavors (oddly enough, but in children's cereals individual brands they occur, see. Below). There is an option "Premium" is different, as the manufacturer claims the composition. But during use and consumption we found no differences.

Porridge Heinz (Heinz) .Also very good mess. Swells are not as strong as Bebi, but still swells. It dissolves well, sometimes there are lumps. For stirring porridge in the cooking process, it is better to use a fork.

Baby. The main advantage of this brand is that dairy cereal produced by partially adapted milk formula. Soluble not so hot as well, we have to choose, or lumps, or grind the finished porridge through a sieve. Another drawback - bad swells, and therefore ends quickly! But it is very tasty!

Agusha. The main advantage - low cost. The second - exactly from cereals (buckwheat buckwheat smells!). But poorly soluble, solid lumps.

Porridge Nestle (Nestle). The main advantage - dissolves well, but sometimes also with lumps. The rest - not very porridge. And we saw a lot of shortcomings. The first - expensive. Second - some quite unnatural. Third - strongly flavored!

This, of course, not all brands and manufacturers, but the most popular in the mid-market.