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What to do if a child refuses to eat

Do encourage your child to eat? And psychology, and gastroenterologists agree that nothing good will come of this approach to nutrition (with a stick) does not come out. All that can make parents - is the development of neurosis and aversion to food in general at the child.

What to do if a child refuses to eat

No matter how small or had a child, even if he is only half a year, he was aware that he was under pressure, forcing eat what he does not like, or when he does not want.

The second negative force-feeding - is a risk of psychological dependence, inability of the baby to learn to identify their needs and make their own decisions. That is, such pressure has a negative impact on the formation of his character and personality!

Furthermore, it is also violence, albeit in a gentle manner. If so you really need to feed the baby, for example, if you want to take medicine, and it is recommended to drink "while eating"Then turn the process into a game or a joke.

Learn how to find a Nehochuha together (!) Compromise, learn to listen to his opinion. You, dear parents, for sure there are some eating habits, right? That child may simply not like fish or any kind of meat.

If the child needs a fish or meat (beef suppose), but he categorically rejects these foods, try to cook from them something unusual. For example, mashed potatoes can be decorated with berries currants! I used the berries of the jam as a decoration, and he really liked it. From egg yolks (which FU) and boiled meat can be shaped figurines favorite baby multgeroya.

Babe Do not feed while watching your favorite cartoon or other classes. Food should be eating, not lure his book, TV, or something else. It's a bad habit, and the food is digested much worse.

You can not rush a baby and lament the fact that he has not eaten his portion. Do not assume that your child is stupid because of their age, no! He and only he feels his body and know when it is enough to eat. Pay attention to how often he bites between meals. Perhaps his poor appetite - it's your fault. Often parents, concerned about the problem maloezhki, are arranged throughout the apartment cookies, gingerbread, candy. If even a bite, then a small portion of fruit or yogurt.