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What to do if the child vomits

Vomiting is a reflex removal from the stomach undigested food residue. It is not always the result of gastrointestinal disease. The child may also vomit from overeating, from eating mom substandard products, from individual intolerance of certain foods and sometimes milk.

What to do if the child vomits

If vomiting has proved itself once, then you should not be concerned about it. If the child vomits every time he gets into the stomach even a minimal amount of food or liquid - should consult a doctor. The fact that it may be the result of an intestinal infection. Therefore, the earlier you seek qualified help, the sooner your child feel better.

Keep in mind that the child's body by vomiting dehydrated very quickly, so it is necessary that the kid tried as much liquid as possible. The problem is that, firstly, the child will most likely abandon the drink will, secondly, a large amount of liquid will not be retained ventricle. Therefore it is better to give a little to drink, teaspoons. If you can not - fill with a syringe directly into the mouth. Suggest to drink more often, literally every 5-10 minutes. As the drink is best suited black or chamomile tea. tea temperature should be very warm (not hot!), so it is much faster suck in the stomach wall.

In addition to tea, and should be given drugs, "Regidron", "Smecta", "Enterodez". The principle is the same - for teaspoonful every 5-10 minutes. This medication absorbent nature, excretes toxins. "Regidron" - 1 bag per liter of freshly boiled cooled water. The minimum dose should be 30 ml / kg of 6-10 hours. The bag "Smecta" should be diluted 1/2 cup warm water. Babies under one year is enough to use 1 sachet per day, at least 3 days. "Enterodez" throw rate of 2.5 grams per 50 ml of cooled boiled water. Children under 3 years need to drink about 100 ml per day.

Vomiting usually takes place against a high temperature. If it does not exceed 38 degrees, do not knock down. If overbright - give any antipyretic "Panadol" "Nurofen" "Kalpol" in the form of a suspension or suppositories. Note that each of the drugs only once for a certain period of time can be given to (5-6 hours). Therefore, in order to avoid an overdose of medication should be alternated.

For a time, hold the baby on dairy-free diet. But do not rule out breast milk, as it will help a lot faster to cope with the disease.