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What to do if your child has flat feet

Flat feet - a frequent children's diagnosis. With proper attention of parents it is quite possible to correct. It takes a lot of effort and perseverance from both the adults and the baby on. And the result will only please - beautiful legs strong and healthy back. So that the work is worth it.

What to do if your child has flat feet

Instruction what to do if your child has flat feet

Step 1:

Salt baths several times a week is useful to make salt bath for the baby's legs. We'll have to stock up on sea salt, since it will require a lot: 1 tablespoon per liter of water. Take the bowl, there is filled with salt and filled with water. the bath temperature should not be higher than 37 degrees. The child is better to sit on a stool or chair. If it is put in a bowl, feet will be hurt on the salt crystals, which are almost never completely dissolve. Taz for convenience is located on a small bench or table. The duration of the bath - 20 minutes. After that, your child's feet must be rinsed under running water, wipe and put on socks.

Step 2:

Warming paraffin or ozocerite This procedure many spend at home. But if in doubt, should consult the clinic. The nurse will make fine paraffin baths the desired temperature. Also it is better to go to physiotherapy when paraffin orthopedist recommended to warm up a few areas of the body: legs, tailbone and neck, for example. In outpatient children are calmer, and my mother's easier.

Step 3:

Massage every 6 months even completely healthy children older than 1 year is recommended massage. it is also required for flat feet. Specialist quite possible to call home or to go to a children's clinic. Now all of them have their own massage therapists who provide paid services. So I do not have to wait in line for a long time as the planned free. And if the child is doing warming up, the massage immediately after he gives a greater effect than either procedure alone. Those masseurs that come to your door, often show and gymnastics. Seeing the correct execution of the exercises, the parents then easily repeat themselves with their child. Kid with flat feet, it is desirable to do more and foot massage with the use of different balls and "hedgehogs". They are very expensive and not sold now in any sports or children's department.

Step 4:

Podiatrists often prescribe physiotherapy or Amplipuls electrophoresis. The first of these procedures may be carried out in the home. Apparatus for electrophoresis is very small, many massage therapists buy it and rent out to their clients. Each fiziokabinete always there and electrophoresis, and Amplipuls. In the clinic, such procedures are always free, if there is a referral from a physiotherapist. Therefore, after the orthopedist to visit and such a specialist.

Step 5:

Orthopaedic shoes and insoles for flat feet is always the child must wear special shoes with insoles, establishing the arch of the foot into the correct position. The price of this shoe is slightly higher than simple. But her constant wearing mandatory. Insoles are purchased ready-made or made to order by the standards of the baby. Sometimes, in the second case, the master for a year free of charge increases the size if the leg grew. So do not be afraid of high prices of individual insoles, because they have enough for a long time.