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What to do with a preschooler in the country

Often, the first trip with the youngest member of the family for the summer hacienda leads young parents in the confusion. Which games offer a child to motivate him and entertain? It is not povezesh from a full arsenal of educational toys ... However, to establish a secure and exciting thing is possible by means of simple improvised means.

What to do with a preschooler in the country

Easy to instill doshkolenku naturalist interest in using self-made terrariums. Catch them on the inhabitants can jam or sugar. The bait is placed in a glass jar, container digged in the shade of bushes on most neck. Top cover the trap, leaving a small opening. After watching beetles and ants, you need to release them. At the same time explaining to your child the difference between scientific interest and muchaniem animals.

Also in the bank you can settle for a couple of days earthworm, if suddenly crawl out to the surface. Comfort in the home provide, poured a layer of gravel on the bottom, covered with water, and on top - several layers of earth and sand. Bank to wrap up the dark paper and look in the "cage" through small windows. Of course, the worm will then also need to release. 

Little girls entice weaving wreaths and the process of creating flower pupae. As a basis - a twig or a toothpick, a head - or unopened bud of a lush flower skirt of this attempted carved flowers or herbs. Spechechnye boxes and packaging of juice and milk suitable for the construction of the house and furniture for him. 

Children eager to draw on the wallpaper? Let realize their potential in the country! Take crayons for drawing iron garage door, and on the fence, you can wield a gouache. Bright streaks coming rain will wash away, and you can wash "easel" with the child out of the shower jet. You can do without paint fumes issuing a bucket of water and paint brush. Let the outputs wet pattern on the fence, at the same time tell him that is the evaporation of water. 

Childhood modern parents even in the city included cooking "soup" of mugs, land and water from the nearest puddle. Now very few people in the city yard arranges a game. But the country can build an entire kitchen for a kid from old boxes, to give him unnecessary plastic containers and disposable utensils. By "product", in addition to land and water, add small stones, flowers and leaves, grass, sawdust, even a little bit of beans and peas - let the process will be almost real. Book at the young chef set lunch: salad, soup, and fruit compote. The game does not only take the child, but also help to develop imagination and fine motor skills. 

And instead of the usual sandbox issue the crumbs large bowl with "lunar sand." In contrast to the usual, it holds its shape well and allows you to create interesting crafts. To prepare it, mix sugar (4 parts), starch (2 parts) and water (1 part). If the mass of dry up, enough to sprinkle it with water and knead lumps hands. 

And do not take the highlight section area under the family fire. He does not have to be a big thing - the game live fire and general gathering the whole family hearth. Fry the baby on the fire a piece of bread, or marshmallows, tell us how spent the summer, when they were small.