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What to do with a teenager in the country

For many teenagers trip to the country turns into a real punishment. No computer, no internet in the phone, and sometimes even TV shows instead of the normal one interference image. And all this is not a reason to entertain children of stretching on the hacienda the World Wide Web or to install satellite TV dish. In addition to weeding and watering, grown children can take more interesting things.

What to do with a teenager in the country

If the child is held on the same cottage for many years, certainly he got himself friends among neighboring offspring. That's only in the next season, they all seem to themselves too old for regular games and even shy of each other. Even more difficult teenager if parents first brought it into a holiday village. No one knew, but the overture is not as easy as kindergartners, who played in the sandbox for half an hour - and have friends. Therefore, it is important to help parents of young generation. Walk around the neighborhood, meet with them and find out for yourself, do not mind if they arrange leisure time to their children. Gather on the site a large company and spend a few games to explore. 


All players stand in a circle, one pronounces his name. Standing next person repeats it and he seems. And so, while the long chain of names is not closed on the first party. To complicate the story can be, if each will add to the name of any character quality. For example, a brave Bob, good marina, cheerful Lesch. 


Check that the first game was held, it can be fun. All the children are divided into two teams. Two major pull between apportion or sheets. From each team go to the bedspread on one person, and leading to the "three" lowered barrier. Each player has to remember the name of the man standing in front of the person and call him. Who had the first - bring your team a point. Then lift the veil, and the following players come to him. 

Acquaint teenagers is to teach the easiest games of his childhood - hide and seek, dodgeball, cops and robbers, etc. Or offer to arrange a concert for other gardeners. It may be a parody of the popular singers, staging popular KVN jokes or play, play for the guys who compose yourself if you tell them the story. For example, "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids 30 years later", or remake of "Pinocchio." To select scenes veranda or help arrange the curtain on the net clearing, collect props in attics and old cabinet. Makeup can be applied using gouache (it is easily washed off). Support entrepreneurial flair - Allow children to draw posters and sell tickets for a symbolic price. On the revenue they can then buy a treat. 

If the neighborhood kids of a certain age there, invite to visit from daughter or son classmates, their friends at the sports section or music school. Look for options on the company's output - Colleagues with children, good neighbors, etc. Lesson for a couple of young men triple easy to find. Buy them badminton racket: VOLANCHIK easy, even a piece of hardened clay, will not cause damage to your garden beds and flower gardens. More expensive investment in leisure - acquisition trampoline. This projectile with pleasure spend time, even older teens. Finally, Organize a small playground for streetball be strong on the wall of the garage basketball hoop. Pupils draw the opportunity to throw the ball around the house, "like a movie", because most of the young heroes of American bands spend their leisure time in this way. 

And do not forget to spend time with the grown child. Involve him in his adult company, for example, buying interesting board games for evening relaxation.