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What to do with children at home

When parents come home from work, they have a unique desire - to rest. But children are not allowed to do so. Of course, you can not ask the child to just leave you alone, but you can always come up with an interesting exercise in which you will take a passive part.

What to do with children at home

1. Magic casket. Take an old box or bag to put different things. It may be buttons, candy wrappers, empty cans, cut-out pictures, in general, anything. Once a child asks you to play, let this box. Suggest to parse all things in piles. In 15-20 minutes the child will be busy. But be careful, the small things a child can swallow. Gradually, the need to update the contents of the boxes.

2. Cinderella. Coffee beans, large beans, seashells for aquarium mix in a bowl. Encourage your child to make it out on the piles. This game will not only give you a quiet cup of tea, but also develop fine motor skills of hands.

3. Pins. Give your child a circle of cardboard or card and colored clothespins. Suggest baby fastened to the cardboard pegs by color.

4. The game for girls with hairpins. The girls are usually quite a lot of dolls, give the box, which stores rezinochki, hairpins and ask them to decorate all the toys. Tell me baby, where you can attach a new decoration, a dog, or rabbits.

5. Games for boys - it's a paper clip. Fold in the box a lot of bright stationery staples. Encourage your child to combine clips with each other, thereby forming a circuit. You can do this race, but you can connect the clip slowly, yet relaxing, while your baby will try to make the action more quickly to overtake you.

6. Labels. On the way home from work to buy a package with stickers and a regular album. Encourage your child to paste over the album.

7. Gossamer. We must give the child a few tangles of thread. Suggest to weave a web, for example, between two chairs. Show me how to do it. This occupation is very exciting and quite unusual. Also later on the web can be placed toys.