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What to eat and drink during pregnancy

Pregnancy - a special it's time for mom and her baby. It is important not to hurt yourself and eat right during this period. The simplest thing - to avoid everything what did not eat our great-grandmother. And in the use of vitamins - to comply with their balance and be sure to consult with your doctor.

What to eat and drink during pregnancy

Instruction that eating and drinking during pregnancy

Step 1:

No need to have: - fat (if you cook the broth - remove fat); - Cocoa and chocolate, coffee; - Canned food; - Mushrooms; - Peas; - Fresh yeast products and bakery products with oily creams; - Spicy, sour and salty; - Citrus fruits, including oranges and lemons; - Strawberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Step 2:

What is useful: - green onions, potatoes, cucumbers - in other words, vegetables; - From fruits: pears, apples, apricots; - Of fruit: grapes, cherries, watermelon; - Milk and milk products; - Lean meat, lean fish (salted and dried - are canceled); - Dried and stewed fruit; - green tea.

Step 3:

Some more tips: - Do not overeat! Especially do not eat at night - neither one of you is not going to benefit. The stomach needs to rest at night, but not digest food. And the baby to sleep, not eat. - If you can not, but really want, you can. - If you do not know whether you want it there or not - there is no better. - Avoid alcohol or by crook! If you still have a drink, then drink only Cahors or champagne, but a little bit! - If you want to chalk, you should not chew on crayons and plaster. There are more civilized option - calcium gluconate or calcium glycerophosphate, as well as cottage cheese and sour cream. - Drink more and it is desirable to water, and not tea or coffee. But if you experience any discomfort, swelling or kidney disease should immediately seek medical attention and agree with him drinking regime. - When edema also helps brine or simply salty food. But to use salt should be carefully and with the approval of your doctor! - When choosing a multivitamin complex, pay attention to contraindications and intolerance of individual components. The most useful vitamins for you - vitamin D and folic acid (vitamin B9 or M). Folic acid promotes proper cell division and DNA is not synthesized in the body, so its use is very important.