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What to give a girl a birthday in 2 years

A gift for a little girl should be selected according to two major criteria: the surprise is to bring joy to a child, as well as contribute to its development. While searching for a present is not necessary to be guided only at the cost, because the high price toys can not guarantee the quality and the potential benefits for the baby.

What to give a girl a birthday in 2 years

For two years the child is characterized primarily object-handling activities, kids actively copy the behavior of adults (washing floors and dishes, wash with his mom, twist the wheel of the car, in imitation of the Pope). A great gift for girls of this age will be a variety of playsets, such as the trolley with food, stroller for dolls, toy dishes rather large size, shop, ironing board, set the maid, and toy household appliances.

A great gift that will develop the creative abilities of the birthday girl, are desk drawing board, finger paints, clay, designed for young children. Classes of these materials develop fine motor skills and imagination of children, as well as improving their color perception. In addition, drawing and modeling lead children overjoyed, and they create a good mood.

Two-year girls and boys experiencing a genuine interest in your home or puppet theater digitiform, as well as various board games, inserts, laces, large mosaic cubes and game designers for children. Busy with these items are well trained coordination, help the child to coordinate the actions of the hands and eyes, develop fine motor skills, improving their memory and attention, improve it.

A win-win option would be a gift of the large toy: gaming center in a house or a castle, slides, rocking chairs, wheelchairs car for the girls. When choosing a present, consider the season, so for the baby, who was born in spring or summer you can pick up the tricycle, inflatable pool, playsets sandbox; and for girls born during the cold season - a sled or cheesecake for skiing the mountain.