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What to give birth to a son

The birth of his son - nice for the parents and their loved ones the time. Relatives and friends want to get acquainted with the newborn and make him a gift. Necessary things at birth so much that the choice of a gift for a newborn is very large. This situation often puts people close to a dead end - that give birth to the son?

What to give birth to a son

When choosing a gift for the birth of a son in the first place is to consult with the new parents. Perhaps they will tell you what they lack. But not everyone can openly speak about their needs, especially when it comes to expensive purchases. If mom and dad baby offer you to choose the gift for the birth of his son, it is possible to focus on the options listed below.

Large purchases. The lion's share of the family budget can be spent on the needs of the newborn such as stroller, crib, car seat, changing dresser. When buying furniture for the baby as a gift is better to consult with parents regarding the color and size to present successfully entered into the interior of the apartment of a young family.

To expensive, but by far optional acquisitions for the baby include the following items: electronic swing, scales for babies, radio or baby monitors. All of these items can make life easier for the young mother, but the baby's parents often can not afford to purchase them.

Original gifts for the birth of his son. Treat the young family a surprise, made by hand. If you do not have such talent, it can be ordered from the masters of handmade things for the newborn: blankets in the crib or stroller, registered garland of felt, mobility in the crib or fetrometriku. When ordering handmade gifts for the newborn should be borne in mind that the deadline for their production may vary from week to 1 month. If stopped for such an embodiment, a gift for the birth of a son, you should take care of his order in advance.

Bathroom accessories. If your budget does not allow you to make expensive gifts, we can restrict bath amenities - hooded towel, bath, shampoo and soap for children.

Keepsakes. The appearance of the light and the baby the first few months of his life - a touching moment that I want to capture and keep in mind forever. Help the parents of the newborn in this. You can give them the services of a professional photographer on the extract, set for making casts of hands and feet baby photo album.

Toys for newborns. Now quite a wide range of different toys for newborns, so you can do without the trite rattles. Entertain your baby while mom is busy, can such gifts for the birth of his son, as the mobility in the crib, which develops mat, the arc with toys on the stroller or car seat.

A gift certificate to a children's store. Remember that one of the pleasant moments after birth for a young mother is a trip to the children's shop, where so many lovely children's clothes. Give her a certificate, you will give her the opportunity to have a good time and to choose the children's clothes and other cute little things for your baby.