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What to take to the hospital

In the last weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers begin to torment the question: "Are all I have prepared for the birth of a baby?". And it is important not to forget this bustles with shopping sliders and suits that have to take care that you take with you to the hospital. After all, a bag with things better to collect in advance at 36 weeks. A necessary documents better constantly carry.

What to take to the hospital

Instruction what to take to the hospital

Step 1:

Assemble and fold in a plastic folder, the documents that you must present at the hospital. Put your passport, a policy of compulsory health insurance exchange card and birth certificate (issued in the place of pregnancy), at labor contract, if you give birth in a paid department. If your husband is present at birth, it is also necessary to present a passport.

Step 2:

A bag with things for yourself you need to collect in view of the requirements of the hospital. If the hospital is allowed to go in the clothes, buy a set with a bathrobe and nightgown. Suitable special cotton kit for pregnant and lactating, who after giving birth is not sorry and throw. Night shirts on postpartum 2-3 pieces you'll need.

Step 3:

In rodblok take the rubber slippers, socks. Note that in the waiting room you will be asked to remove all jewelry. The maximum that is allowed - cross on a string and a wedding ring. Therefore, in the last weeks before delivery discard any jewelry. But the mobile phone to carry in a generic you will be allowed. Do not forget to put in a bag charger. For procedures in the emergency room, you will need a new razor in the package. If you have varicose veins, put special bandages or stockings.

Step 4:

In the postpartum period, prepare the following hygiene items, put them in a plastic makeup case: toothbrush and toothpaste, children's soap, shampoo, wipes, special postpartum pads. For the first days, prepare special disposable underpants. For those who have gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, postpartum bandage handy.

Step 5:

If you are planning to breast-feed your baby, pick up everything you need for this process. To get rid of unpleasant stagnation in the chest, you will need a breast pump. Featured feeding cook a special bra, absorbent pads for the breast, nipple cream.

Step 6:

If the rules of the hospital is allowed to wear the baby immediately after birth in you brought the clothes, pick up a small bag of things for the baby. Put a pair of cotton and unitard bodysuit, socks, hat. For hygiene kid you need to pack diapers, wipes, protective cream.