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What you can watch cartoons for children

Animated films play an important role in the process of education. Look at how children mimic your favorite heroes, starting with the repetition of phrases and ending behavior. Now there are so many cartoons that parents sometimes difficult to decide on what is possible to see their children. Therefore, choosing entertainment for children, the main thing is not to harm their development.

What you can watch cartoons for children

Cartoon child must be suitable for the age. Do not be surprised that even 15-year-old after watching a cartoon for adults, such as "The Simpsons" and "South Park" will copy the behavior of Bart or Cartman.

Pay attention to the behavior of the main characters and what their behavior is frowned upon, especially if the image is painted positive. If your child can not tear myself away from watching the series of Masha and Misha and Masha asks to buy a doll, it is possible that it will soon begin to behave the same way.

Humor - the best way to win over teenager. Note that is ridiculous. Sometimes derided bad qualities such as laziness or stupidity, and sometimes ridiculed and mutual desire for knowledge. So choose something that would be beneficial for your child's development.

Who won and who lost? The end of the story? In fairy tales, usually demonstrated by two images: bad and good. However, the good must always overcome evil, thereby justifying their weaknesses, which, after turning into strengths.

The child identifies with the characters, which are experiencing sympathy. Boys often mimic male heroes and expect from the girls, mothers and grandmothers of this behavior, which is shown in the animated female characters. Girls, on the contrary, learn from the female characters and create the image of a man by a male type.

Aesthetics and image multgeroya technique is also important. The image of a harmonious and the closer to reality, the better formed the concept of beauty in the child.

It is best to see the cartoon with the child at least once. Note the presence of controversial moments. Ask your child how he understood them, and if he took "harmful" strontium, explain what its downsides. A child needs to understand that there is a virtual "cartoon" life is real - real, in which there are other rules.