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When issued card exchange

Pregnancy - an exciting time in a woman's life. At this time, the future mother appears a lot of questions, including related medical records. One of the most important documents for pregnant is to exchange the card.

When issued card exchange

Map pregnant, or exchange card, issued in the antenatal clinic where the woman is observed during pregnancy. This document reflects all the basic information about the course of pregnancy, the health of the expectant mother, the process of giving birth and of the newborn state. Every visit to the gynecologist enters into exchange card of passed tests, ultrasound, weight, and pressure measurements.

Why pregnant it is important to have on hand a card exchange?

Unfortunately, not always perfect pregnancies and deliveries can begin early. In an emergency, the expectant mother must apply to the maternity hospital, where it is necessary to show not only documents such as passport, health insurance, but also desirable in itself to have an exchange card. From this document, the doctor will be able to quickly get all the necessary information about pregnancy and help.

And most importantly - the lack of information about the survey expectant mother to dangerous infections such as HIV, syphilis, etc. (Still no exchange cards), will give the base medical staff put it in observational department of the hospital, or in an infectious hospital. There are other unexplored women who may be infected with these diseases. 

On what term should be given a card exchange?

This usually occurs at 22-23 weeks of pregnancy. If you are given a card exchange for a stated period, ask your doctor about it yourself. Deny that you can not. Do not forget to carry a card exchange with the main document, when you leave the house. Even if you think you go long.