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When pregnancy is dangerous

Pregnancy - a complex process that occurs in the female body. It is associated with enormous changes on the part of almost all organs and systems. There are a number of diseases, which are an obstacle to motherhood, because it is not only about the health risks of women, but also the possibility of serious pathologies fetal development.

When pregnancy is dangerous

Instruction when dangerous pregnancy

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Infectious diseases of the expectant mother may negatively affect the health of the child. These include active forms of primary tuberculosis infection. The main indication for termination of pregnancy in the first trimester (12 weeks) is a widespread destructive process in the lungs of women, is not amenable to treatment, if it took place and they are aggravated during a previous pregnancy.

Step 2:

A serious danger during pregnancy are also severe forms of viral hepatitis. In this disease, cases of death in pregnant women are three times higher than in non-pregnant. It is especially dangerous infection in the last trimester of pregnancy when the mother's risk of death increases dramatically. In the chronic form of viral hepatitis pregnancy usually does not worsen the overall condition of the woman. However, the high risk of fetal infection, and has not yet been proven that a cesarean section to avoid infection of the child with viral hepatitis.

Step 3:

Another terrible enemy of a pregnant woman - rubella. It is an infectious disease, occurring almost unnoticed in children, can lead to spontaneous abortion or cause serious fetal malformations (microcephaly, meningitis, cataracts). In cases where a woman is not hurt rubella as a child, she needs to get vaccinated and protect themselves within six months thereafter.

Step 4:

For non-communicable diseases that pose a serious risk to pregnant women include: severe endocrine disorders (including diabetes), severe heart disease and hypertension with disorders of the circulatory system, cirrhosis of the liver; severe lung disease with respiratory failure, kidney disease, leading to chronic renal disease (glomerulonephritis); systemic connective tissue diseases (lupus erythematosus), severe mental illness and epilepsy.

Step 5:

Any cancer is a contraindication to pregnancy, since they may increase the growth of tumors. However, when treatment is started after 12 weeks, the probability of positive dynamics. In benign tumors, such as uterine fibroids, the question of the continuation of the pregnancy the doctor decides individually.