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When teething

If grudnichka sharply increased saliva formation, it is the first sign that it will soon begin teething. This process occurs due to irritation of nerve endings in about 2 months before the event. The first tooth is on the way, if there is a strong need for a bib.

When teething

Around the age of 8 months, the child begins to cut the first teeth, it gives him trouble. Rarely, babies, this process is painless. In most cases the child will not eat at this time, the dream will become restless and often the baby will cry, body temperature can rise. Some children redden cheeks appear ear pain and intermittent rhinitis. Naturally, my mother is also affected by the state, she begins to look for ways to help your baby. Doctors give some guidelines to facilitate this process:

1. To teething ended as soon as possible, the baby should be given more drinking in the intervals between feedings. 

2. Since during this period the child is enhanced saliva, and saliva can cause skin irritation, it is necessary often to wipe the face and neck of the baby wipes and once a day to lubricate the baby cream.

3. To speed up the process, you can massage the gums with a towel or chilled teaspoon.

4. You need to buy a special baby teether. Currently, a wide range of shops, there teethers filled with water. But before giving it to the baby, it should be cool, because the cold will help relieve swelling and pain.

5. Doctors recommend use of various creams and gels with anesthetics to gums.

6. When the temperature of the child can be given paracetamol. However, if in addition to high temperature runny nose, cough or diarrhea, it may already have a cold or an infection caused by a weakening of the immune system. This interrelated processes. 

7. disorder chair need to feed the baby a light meal a few days, and the number of fruits and juices should be reduced. It is recommended to also drink tea with chamomile and fennel or give droplets with these herbs.

During teething almost all items that fall into the hands of the child, will be tried on the tooth. It is therefore important to monitor the cleanliness of toys and their lack of cutting parts.

Some parents help their children, making it a gum massage using a gauze swab. To do this, the index finger should be wrapped with a bandage and soak it in cold water, and then they do a massage.

At eruption of teeth pediatricians recommend spending calcium subsidy. For this purpose a third calcium gluconate tablets should give the child thrice daily for 14 days. Note that in the water insoluble calcium gluconate, and therefore it should be rubbed into powder and added to the food.

When a child's first tooth it is time to add to his diet of solid food. Only liquid food during the transition from sucking reflex need to bite and gnaw not do. During each feeding the baby should be offered dried bread, a piece of peeled apple, lightly boiled carrots. When chewing gum increases blood circulation, strengthens teeth appeared and train.

If the baby teething fever, then it should knock down, rubbing his body with a sponge dampened with cool little water or giving him paracetamol suspension. But under no circumstances should you give your child aspirin! This drug is contraindicated for children under 12 years of age, because it can cause in rare cases Reiki syndrome. It is also desirable to provide an early vozdraste tetracycline, it violates rst tooth enamel and makes dark.

The release date of the first teeth in different children different. It is defined at the gene level. But first teeth often appear in 5-8 months, before this happens while in girls than in boys. The lower central incisors appear first, followed by the upper central and upper side. Completely cut through all milk teeth by the age of 2-2.5 years.

Close people should gain calmness and patience. Affection and care will require 2 times more. Do not be afraid of affection and attention to spoil the child, moods and character make him cry even worse.