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Why a child does not sleep at night

Young parents generally believe that young children most of the day have to sleep. This belief is true only in relation to the first 2-3 months of baby's life when he confuses day and night. But the problem of poor sleep, parental knocks out of the rut, can occur again and again. Identify the reasons for this is often difficult.

Why a child does not sleep at night

Instruction why a child does not sleep at night

Step 1:

Remember, what kind of lifestyle you lead during pregnancy. In the last 2 months of the baby, in the womb, formed some sleep and rest. If you, being pregnant, went to bed late, and were active activities or worked up to the birth, then the child could appear a habit to sleep late or a little rest during the day.

Step 2:

If during pregnancy you have joined the ranks of those who like the night meal, the child can adjust to the fact that the power comes at an inopportune time. As a result, these children can not withstand long intervals between feedings at night. Waking up from hunger, they can scream hysterically, until they are fed. How would you have liked to sweet sleep, do not forget, that the abolition of night feedings may cause the disappearance of milk, because it provides a night lactation prolactin, responsible for milk production.

Step 3:

Straw or grass mattresses, valuable in terms of orthopedists, however, may cause a bad night's sleep baby. Their contents strongly rustles when the baby moves, thereby disturbing it. In wet diapers during sleep creates a fever. Overheating causes restless sleep baby.

Step 4:

Carefully watch the baby when you have eliminated all the negative moments for sleep, but the baby still does not sleep at night. He may torment intestinal colic. To release the accumulated gases, raise the baby upright and massage his tummy. In addition, do not have a problem wearing a neurological character. Having noticed oddities in behavior of the child, be sure to show it to a specialist.

Step 5:

The reasons for poor sleep can wear also emotional. This problem often occurs in families where both parents work and there are a lot of home after the baby is asleep. Hearing slumber through the voice of his father or the mother, the child begins to require communicate with them. Over time, night wakefulness become a habit, because the child knows that the only way he can enjoy the proximity to the favorite parent.

Step 6:

If the day you create the child an ideal environment for a long sleep, to sleep well the baby will be awake most of the night. Do not change yourself for a child, and translate it to the correct mode, each time putting the baby to bed 20-30 minutes later.