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Why breast-feeding women should not drink milk

A very important element for the full development of the child is the presence in breast milk of mother. Scientists argue all the time about how much and in what quantities it is recommended to drink milk woman to breast milk completely satisfy the child.

Why breast-feeding women should not drink milk

Breastfeeding women should drink plenty of fluids: it is about two to three liters a day. It is important that the water that is drinking woman was treated or even boiled. You can not drink carbonated water. Also it is not necessary to use feeding fruit drinks, as they contain coloring agents and preservatives.

Doctors agreed that a breastfeeding woman is better to abandon the cow's milk. Previously, our grandmothers and mothers were convinced that in cow's milk a lot of nutrients, and it increases lactation, and now proven otherwise. Whole milk can cause bloating and colic in infants. Milk can be added during cooking, porridge, mash, but its use should be limited to 100-150 ml per day.

It is better to replace the milk to other dairy products: yogurt or kefir. If you are a great lover of milk and can not afford to refuse the pleasure to drink it, it is possible to mix the milk with coffee or tea. Especially useful for nursing molokochay. It is also good to add milk to coffee to reduce caffeine level. Very often, in lactating women it appears lactose deficiency, especially for allergy sufferers. Therefore, before you drink cow's milk in large quantities, it is better to think about how it will be useful for the baby.