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Why do I need a humidifier in the child's room

Many of the recommendations with respect to the atmosphere in the nursery sounds that there has to be enough moist air. Moisturizer helps to achieve the necessary humidity, but this is not its only function is useful for children.

Why do I need a humidifier in the child's room

It is desirable that the child was breathing air with a humidity of about 40-60 percent. This is especially important for newborns whose delicate mucous dries quickly. And in this state, it can easily penetrate various infections. In the room with the included heating the humidity is usually about 30 percent. Wet towels on batteries reduce the temperature, but not so significantly increase the humidity. It is better to cope with this task humidifier.

If the baby will become sick, the humidifier will also come to the rescue. Moist air helps the nasal mucosa to fight infection and not let it continue in the respiratory tract. Reduced abundance of mucus, ie runny nose becomes less intense. But it is probable that the illness will go into his throat and starts coughing, also decreases. When the baby is weak, often sick, must be a humidifier in his bedroom.

In addition to the formation of steam in many data devices and provides other useful functions: air purification, ionization, aromatization. A few words about the benefits of each of them in the nursery. Built-in filter is very useful for residents of houses built near roads. child's room should be aired frequently. If windows are located on the dusty road, then after each of their opening on the floor formed by a layer of dust. Quite no harm will immediately remove it from the built-in purifier humidifier.

Air Ionization disinfects it, killing the bacteria. This option is a humidifier is simply indispensable for frequently ill child or during epidemics. Even if someone in the home has already started to get sick, an ionizer in the children's room to protect the baby, to help him not to get infected. The effect is the same as that of garlic or onions, placed in the room, but without unpleasant smell.

Aromatization - feature that allows you to add different essential oils to the steam from the humidifier. It is not just creating a pleasant smell in the room. With scents may affect the baby's body: to soothe, cheer, disinfect. Each oil has a specific action. For example, if a child starts coughing or runny nose, it is appropriate to be eucalyptus or fir. Without any medication already possible to treat the disease. A lavender or lemon balm to help sleep soundly excitable kid.

In our apartments is almost always too dry air, extremely harmful to young children. The humidifier is quietly struggling with this problem by helping kids stay healthy.