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Why do teenagers do not like to order

Adolescence - the most difficult for the very young person and the people around him. Still, after the person ceases to be a child, but has not yet become an adult. His "I" requires self-affirmation, but he has not sufficient means to implement it.

Why do teenagers do not like to order

Instruction why teenagers do not like to order

Step 1:

When communicating with your teen, consider the fact that this age characterized by different behaviors. There is a feeling of adulthood, mood swings, etc. occur At this age stage the main desire of man - to assert themselves by any means.

Step 2:

If your son or daughter does not like the order, seek to express their individuality all - think of it as an inevitable tribute to adolescence. The guys in this period often have these stupid ideas (for adults estimated), for example, the paste over the walls of his room with posters of some rock band or a popular youth actor. In this age of "adult children" love to create idols.

Step 3:

Be tolerant of the vagaries of the teenager. What a difference they still can not, therefore, at least outwardly imitate adults. Hence, there are attributes "psevdovzroslosti": smoking, alcohol, parties at the entrance, youth parties. Me manners, gait, appearance. The boy begins to waddle, his hands in his pockets and spitting over his shoulder. In his speech, new expression. Girl shtudiruet fashion magazines, change hair color every week and gives vent dissatisfaction with their appearance on the mother. They are trying to prove to the world that also have a personal life.

Step 4:

If a teen does not listen to your arguments and continues to lax, undisciplined and disorderly life, try not to get bogged down in the cry, and talk quietly and calmly, in a benevolent tone. Try to keep your tone was not instructive, to act as a friend, that friendship appreciate most people in this age.

Step 5:

Try to understand the position of the teenager, try to penetrate his interests, you may together come to a constructive solution to all problems, or to any compromise.

Step 6:

Be aware that rejecting your help and supervision, the teenager manifests the desire for independence. You have to live and try to teach the "rebel" answer for their actions.