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Why does a child is frequently ill

Part of the nozzle and the baby colds can be a terrible dream of any parent. However, it is the behavior of the parents becomes a major cause of childhood diseases. Failure to just a few rules can lead to the fact that children's immune system will be shaken and overwhelmed, and this invariably leads to the lungs, and then serious illness.

Why does a child is frequently ill

There are five simple rules that can help strengthen the immune system of the child and forget about frequent colds. The main fault of parents is excessive concern about the baby's health. Accordingly, immunity no longer perform this function. Too hothouse conditions created around. 

The main and most common mistake - overheating of the child. Too warm dressing, heavy layered clothing, excitement, not to cold - the main precursors of the common cold. The child after a year as well as an adult, minus one layer should be dressed in the street! Consider the mobility of children, the energy that he spends, at times more than an adult. Instead of a heavy down jacket, which he instantly sweat, wear warm, but a light jacket. And do not wear a sweater for a child in the summer, if you are going to do a T-shirt. And the breeze should not confuse you. He was to live on this planet, they are ready for, and the sun and the wind and the rain. While bathing is not necessary to create a sauna effect, closing the door tightly and puffing hot steam. Out of the bath in an apartment with other temperature control will be a strong stress to the cardiovascular system. Bathe baby with the door ajar. Danger is resistant (more days) the temperature is above 39 degrees. Raising the temperature - a natural process by which white blood cells faster will be delivered to the site of infection and faster fulfill its mission - the restoration of the body. Knocking temperature, you interfere with this process. All antibiotics and antipyretics prescribed by a doctor and advertised on TV, put away. Tea with honey and raspberry jam, rinses, inhalation - means-tested over the centuries and a hundred generations of ill people. The heat is dangerous in two ways: chemical poisoning and overheating (in the sun, in the bath, etc.). In these situations, you need to shoot down the temperature. Snot - not a reason to sit at home with the windows closed. Rather, in such circumstances, a runny nose will be protracted. Snot, of course, need to wash or vysmarkivat, and then go for a walk. And in the winter and summer. Regular ventilation of the room - good immunity. Fresh air is necessary for normal functioning of any organism, including children. Ideally, you need to sleep with the windows open.

Follow these rules and you'll forget why the child is often sick.

And do not forget that the research of the World Association of Health Children who get enough parental love sick 4 times less. Of course, I mean, not the number of toys, and quality time spent together. Fishing, cooking dinner, reading a book, even cleaning the apartment in which you interact with your child - this is the best way to show love. The children who attend kindergarten not get sick more often because they are in the team, and because he was on sick leave at home with her mother, they will be able to compensate for the lack of tender emotions and concerns. Taking the child out of kindergarten every day, dedicate to him and only him just 40-50 minutes of your time. Forget about dinner and a short while cleaning. You will do this later. Give your child a quiet conversation or a game and you will see how quickly and will not soon return to his snot and coughing bored.