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Why does a child is not growing

It is known that many great people were of small stature. Napoleon Bonaparte, Edith Piaf, Charlotte Bronte, Yuri Gagarin, Pablo Picasso, Alexander Pushkin - all of them have become famous thanks to his talent, and a small increase did not become an obstacle. Despite this, most parents worry if their child is lagging behind peers.

Why does a child is not growing

Instruction why a child is not growing

Step 1:

If you think that a child has stopped the growth, we should not panic. To get started you will be examined, that was the reason for this. The first factor, which should pay attention - this is the age of the child. You must know that children grow irregularly, alternating periods of "stretching" and "rounding". The intensive growth period (first year, 4-5 years, adolescence), when all the organs and systems work with high voltage, the baby is pulled quickly. During periods of "rounding" the growth rate is reduced, the internal organs are developing. During the year, the formation of children can also be abrupt. Many of them in the spring and summer growth is accelerating, and in autumn and winter - is suspended.

Step 2:

Also a big role in stunting genetic factors play. Low parents can hardly wait for the child-velikana.Krome that meets constitutional growth delay, when up to a certain age the child lags behind peers, but later catches up with or even surpass them. Talk to relatives. Maybe stunting is characteristic of a certain age children in your family?

Step 3:

But it happens sometimes that parents and high child is the last in the line. In this case, may be to blame for poor diet, lack of exercise and fresh air. Keep it monitor diet, make sure that it is sufficient and complete. Do not let your child eat in a hurry and eat cold food, limit the use of "empty" foods, such as sweets, crisps and crackers. It is better to replace them with fruit (fresh and dried) and nuts. Remember that the lack of protein, vitamins and other nutrients, causing stunted growth. Also for the normal development of a child needs every day to be outdoors, to move a lot. Analyze the daily routine of the child, note whether it is a day at the TV and computer sitting in one position. Organize daily walks away from gassy trails. Vozite summer child swim in open water in winter - skating and skiing. If you can not independently increase the motor activity of the baby, give it to the sports section. Only refrain from sports, inhibiting the growth (weight lifting, gymnastics, acrobatics).

Step 4:

The most annoying is the reason that the child is not growing - is, of course, health. The blame for this can be a disruption of the endocrine glands, brain, birth trauma, intrauterine pathology, chronic diseases. Be sure to pass inspection in time specialists, hand over all analyzes. Remember, the sooner will emerge any deviation, the easier it is to treat.