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Why does my baby cry and how to help him

In addition to serious medical reasons for infant crying, there are several reasons for the varying degrees of discomfort, that my mother might well be eliminated. The main thing - to understand why the child is crying.

Why does my baby cry and how to help him

Instruction why baby cry and how to help him

Step 1:

One of the main reasons why the child is crying, perhaps famine. With kids that feed mixtures, in this respect easier. By volume eaten bottle can be understood as a child ate. The baby on the breast-fed can not throw the chest due to saturation, but because it is inconvenient. In this case the mother should try other positions during feeding - lying, sitting, standing, holding a child, forearm or lying nearby.

Step 2:

In addition to food, babies need a drink. If the offered food he refuses, perhaps, the reason why the crying newborn baby is thirsty. Try Popo him some water, perhaps, the child calms down.

Step 3:

Check the diaper baby. Maybe it's time to wash away, change his diaper, and so the baby is crying. Remember that kids do not like to lie wet and dirty. Keep the skin under the diaper had no redness and chafing. Take care of baby's skin, so that it was dry and healthy.

Step 4:

The reason why the crying newborn, may be colic, which appear even at the second week of the child's life and can last until the formation of the gastrointestinal tract, which occurs in 3-4 months. In this case, helping various pharmaceutical preparations, attachment to the tummy baby dry heat.

Step 5:

Perhaps the baby is crying because he has constipation. Then spend a stomach massage in a circular motion, let more water. If the baby does not go to the toilet for two days, to seek the help of soft laxatives.

Step 6:

Maybe the baby in the bedroom too hot. Keep an eye on the temperature regime, ventilate the room, maintain an optimal level of moisture. Do not get too much to wrap up the child and his warm to wear at home. The reason why a baby cries, it may be overheated and stuffy.

Step 7:

Some babies settle down easily on the street and within walking normally sleep. Take advantage of this to soothe your baby. Put it in the carriage and leave the yard or take out the baby onto the balcony, where there is access to fresh air.

Step 8:

Pediatricians recommend not scream at each take the child in his arms, so it does not get used to it and not to put too moody. This applies, depending on why the baby is crying. Maybe your kid suffers cramps or he is teething. If you can somehow ease the suffering of a child, caused severe physical changes, do it, and to bring it independence and autonomy will be in a quiet period.