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Why is the baby withdraws into himself

Shy, uncommunicative, sullen - that these are closed and children. It is understood that the closed children are not shy, they just do not know how to start dating or perhaps afraid to do it. But why the children are closed?

Why is the baby withdraws into himself


Main reasons

Closed children - people in the case. That is, they let in a quiet and peaceful world only certain people whom they trusted and who were allowed to enter. Many parents say the child matured early, and this rebyatnya - no match for their daze, but they proudly wrong.

Prematurity. Another reason for the abrupt closure is that the child is born prematurely and due to prematurity is placed in a special box. So, stay in this box also makes children closed. At least, the conclusion made by qualified doctors.

Problems. It is not permanent, but a temporary problem in which isolation also appears briefly and leaves. It can be exhaustion, some unresolved problem or sullenness.

Bullying. This is one of the most popular reasons for child-student isolation. Without a doubt, everyone is familiar with situations in which a child due to external call can be different bespectacled, thick, red, or even some insulting words. Confident child can fight back, but such cases are the exception rather than the rule. Therefore, children who constantly suffer laughter and mockery in soi address, just building a wall and turn in on themselves.

Parent argument. Another popular reason lies in family relations. Incredibly, when her father and mother quarrel, the child blames himself. According to the faith and pure child, parents must love, and do not quarrel and do not swear. Therefore, since he considers himself guilty, he simply becomes invisible to no longer becomes a cause of new quarrels.

Communication with classmates. Lack of communication with their peers - and the reason is closed. The reasons for the lack of communication may be many, but the most popular ones are:

 frequent illness and as a result, frequent absences;

confidence of parents that the child be given early in kindergarten, preferring his grandmother or nanny;

frequent travel.

As a result, the child simply can not or do not have time to properly adapt to the surrounding society. Around it run only healthy and nimble kids that can take away his toy. It is clear from this child will be confused and make a conclusion that it is better to be silent and invisible.

How can I solve the problem?

Assist. Of course, the problems and the reasons for the closure must necessarily be found out by psychologists, but that parents can also help by communicating with your child. No need to look at the age of your child, you need to give it their full attention. Any child is very much in need of proper support from the parents.

Praise. Nobody do not hesitate to once again praise the child. Children are very difficult to understand the progress, so that the child knew that he had done something good and right, he should be praised to boost his self-esteem.

As often as possible invite guests. To my child used to different people and society, should be invited guests. Better yet, if guests come with their children. Because children are rapidly become liberated in the walls of his home.

Diversity. Try to diversify the life of a child hiking, sightseeing or visiting interesting places for him.

No orders. There is a desire to know the cause of children's bad mood? Ask a child about the most calm and quiet voice.