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Why is the child crying at night?

Quite often, babies cry at night. Someone tummy ache, someone wanted to eat, and someone just had a bad dream. How do you determine why the child is crying at night?

Why is the child crying at night?


Causes of children crying at night

The first few months of his life pipsqueak sleeping very sensitive and often enough crying in his sleep. This is considered a normal reaction. From the maturing baby stops crying at night and wakes up only to be asked to drink or use the toilet. In case of violation of sleep a child for a long time should look for the cause.

Crying baby of 4 months may indicate pain in the tummy. After the first months of life the baby intestine adapts to the new conditions of life in the womb, he was absolutely sterile. To facilitate the use of pain medications, which help to get rid of colic, "Espumizan", "Babotik". You can make a warm diaper, the pressed iron, a child's tummy.

After a six-month overseas begin to grow teeth, which can cause a child crying. Quite often, teething is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, fever. Children bite toys, nervous, and their gums swell and bring discomfort. Therefore, the child often wakes up at night and cries.crying baby

Stuffy nose with a cold also makes crumbs sleep. He starts to toss and turn and capricious. The reasons for the children's crying may be banal uncomfortable bed or a stuffy room.

How to help a child who is crying at night?

Do not ignore the night crying baby. Be gentle with him and caring. When repeated episodes should consult a pediatrician or a neuropsychiatrist. They will help determine the cause and appoint a rational treatment.