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Why kiss the children

Child-friendly and open personality. They often do not know what greed, deceit and other discontent, which is so often used by adults. Why kiss the children? So they are willing their love and sympathy for the man. When you kiss children imitate adults who express themselves well with people.

Why kiss the children

Instruction why kissing children

Step 1:

Children often kiss their relatives, mothers and fathers. So they express their pure love and sympathy, his actions imitating adults. But it happens that the children are kissing each other, and parents begin to think about this behavior. Is their behavior is correct or there is wary parents?

Children kissing

Step 2:

Children kiss completely devoid of sexual ideas, he is pure and innocent. But often, even though the action and asexually, it has a certain sensual load. Children, like adults, are also able to feel the love and tenderness. First child to learn to kiss their loved ones in the future it "pours out" the tenderness not only on families, but also to their friends. So innocent kissing - is your kind of training these senses. It turns out that this is still a manifestation of the rudiments of sexual feelings.

child kisses mother

Step 3:

The interest in the opposite sex for the first time the child exhibits at the age of 3-6 years. At this age, the child is very interested in the outside world, it is very curious, and it manifests itself in many ways. That is, learning not only the external aspects, but also his (and others') body. Therefore, there is interest in the opposite sex, which is projected through kissing, for example. Here you and the game in the doctor and the patient, different tricky questions. About mental correctness of your child tells you your child psychologist, teacher or doctor. However, finding the natural child is categorically not stop. It is best to explain to the child in a simple and accessible form the difference between the sexes at a time when it is the first time it is interested. He - an open book, and get information on this issue from the mouth of a better parent.

children play doctor

Step 4:

How parents respond to children's kisses? If you notice that your child kisses, first of all do not start to panic. If another child does not protest, it is best not to interfere. Your rough and direct intervention negatively recover from the child's psyche. Child spite you can really show an unhealthy effect on sexual underpinnings kiss (sex). Negative imprint recoup as sexual deviations in adult life. It is best to be a bystander. Gently kiss to stop only when a second child expresses protest.

deviant behavior in children