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Why mum helpful to sleep with your baby

With regard to co-sleeping mother and the child, there are many myths, disagreements and even scary stories. Young moms all heard it time and again. Scary stories described more classics. At the same time, scientists are encouraging - because sleep is possible and necessary. Beds have become spacious, not testaceous. Sleeping with your baby become more comfortable and safer. Here I will tell you why and why. This article is intended for mothers with babies up to a year.

Why mum helpful to sleep with your baby

You will need:

Bed sheet and pillow for baby blanket Dummy separate fresh diaper clean fresh ventilated room (bedroom) Extra-cradle, crib without a side (if necessary)

Instruction is why mom is helpful to sleep with your baby

Step 1:

Your baby has spent a lot of time in your tummy. He was used to that my mother is always there. The child does not know how much more, and can not take care of themselves, all hope on his mother. This also applies to sleep. In infants is still immature nervous system, so he was afraid to be alone, and to a large baby crib can be scary. Parents do not always understand the fears of the baby, so there is sleepless and restless nights in the family. Joint sleep will solve this problem. Spread a separate baby bedding, put a crumb close and cover Blankets, hug him. Choose a comfortable position, so as not to lean heavily on the child and does not put pressure on him with his hand. Mom to do it will not be difficult. This practice will contribute to the child's mother and a strong emotional connection. This will help you in the future.

Step 2:

Breast-feeding. Joint sleep and help moms whose kids love to eat at night. Feed lying down, without getting out of bed, even in a dream, it is very convenient. The kid will appreciate it too, and yet he and dad like my mother with a fresh face, and sleep on it more cheerful.

Step 3:

For those who are fast asleep and not confident in their movements in sleep, you can buy attachable bassinet. It looks like a continuation of the bed, the compartment (see. Photo). It is very convenient and safe. Baby sleeping separately, but next to my mother. He was so relaxed. For those who have regular bed - remove it from a side partition or a ledge and move to him. It is important to tightly fasten to the bed of your bed to active toddler in a dream fell to the floor.