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Why newborn hiccups

Hiccups - reflex phenomenon, caused by spasmodic contractions of the diaphragm. In newborn infants, it is observed quite often. A short hiccup (within 10 to 15 minutes) is not a pathology, and to the child much discomfort does not deliver. However, the reasons for its occurrence should be analyzed and addressed.

Why newborn hiccups

Instruction why hiccups newborn

Step 1:

It is believed that the baby hiccups, if he was cold. Indeed, the body of the newborn often exactly responds to hypothermia. If the hiccups began on the street, try to get back home and immediately feed the baby, even if the feeding time has not yet come. If the house - take your hands, warm with its warmth, drink warm waters. The baby gets warm, the hiccups stop.

Step 2:

It is believed that children who are breastfed, it is impossible to overfeed. This is not quite true. A healthy child is not recommended to feed more often than 1,5 - 2 hours. Otherwise, it may cause indigestion, pressure and stretching the stomach wall to iris trigger hiccups. Do not overfeed the child.

Step 3:

If the baby sucks very active, in his stomach with milk get air bubbles. In this case, it is also possible occurrence hiccups. Immediately after feeding, hold your baby upright for some time ( "column") that came from the stomach swallowed them, along with the air milk. For a child who is bottle-fed antikolikovuyu purchase a special bottle, which prevents the stomach from air bubbles. In any case, a hole in the nipple should be small, so that the baby sucking slowly.

Step 4:

Hiccups in a newborn baby may occur as a result of fear, caused by the sudden noise, a sharp bang, turning on or off the light, that it took the hands of a stranger, the emotional overload. Protect the crumbs from the visitors, refuse to loud music, try to minimize anything that might frighten the baby.

Step 5:

If a newborn baby hiccups phenomenon occurs frequently, you should consult with your doctor. The long, incessant hiccups may be a manifestation of a serious illness.