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Why sore breasts after feeding

Modern pediatricians recommend how to continue breastfeeding for longer. But many mothers are faced with this problem: sore breasts after feeding. Sore nipples often begins in the hospital. There are some simple tips and rules, knowing that a nursing mother are more likely to avoid this inconvenience.

Why sore breasts after feeding Why breast hurts

Sore breasts during feeding due to cracks. Their depth may be quite different from minor to deep wounds. But any damage to the integrity of the nipple - a very painful thing. The main task of nursing mothers is to quickly identify the cause of the cracks and do not run the situation.

The main reason for the appearance of cracks on the nipple - error during breastfeeding. Young mothers who gave birth to a second child have to have breastfeeding experience and therefore better able to cope with this task.

How to put the baby to the breast is well told in school for pregnant women. In the hospital, you can turn to full-time consultant for breastfeeding. He will also help make the baby to the breast. If such a person is not, it is able to help any children's nurse, midwife or pediatrician. All of these hospital workers are well aware of how the baby should take the breast to avoid any pain.

Sore breasts during feeding times and for different reasons. Colostrum, which is the first 3 days, very thick. To suck it up, the newborn is making significant efforts. Unused to the constant friction tender nipples may start to hurt.


The lists of needed items to the hospital often write "Bepanten" or the cedar oil. The ointment is safe for the baby if ingested, so you can safely apply it to the nipples. It will heal minor cracks and moisturize the skin. Rinse "Bepanten" before breast-feeding is not required. Cedar oil also softens the skin. It is convenient to put it on bra inserts. So the laundry is stained, and the nipple is constantly in contact with the oil.

A good way to prevent a hardening nipple: a nursing mother is recommended to keep the chest open for a couple of minutes after feeding. It is also helpful to squeeze out a few drops of milk and distribute it to the nipple. After such manipulations nipple becomes less vulnerable therefore less affected by suckling baby.

It is important not to run the problem. As soon begins to hurt the breast during feeding, you must immediately take action: to heal the crack ointment, check the correctness of applying the baby to the breast. If the damage is too severe and breastfeeding becomes unbearably painful, you can buy a special silicone lining. They protect the nipple during breastfeeding. But it is desirable to use them only until the complete healing of cracked nipples. After all, because they can disrupt the outflow of milk from the breast of certain shares that will lead to its stagnation.