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Why swim – this is useful? Five reasons

If your child loves to wallow in the water for hours, it can be given in the swimming section. Let the body uses growing up all the healing quality of the water, and on it there are 5 reasons.

Why swim & ndash; this is useful? Five reasons

Instruction why swim – this is useful? five reasons

Step 1:

With continued swimming in the child immune system is strengthened. respiratory and circulatory system in the latter-day swimmers runs many times better than that of their peers who do not engage in swimming. And if these systems work much better, it means that all the organs work better, faster, and all of them are derived toxins. Another advantage to the immune system is that the air and water temperatures have a difference, which makes the human vessels as quickly as possible to expand and shrink, thereby enhancing immunity. If the child is prone to diseases, it is useful to make the pool 2 times per week.

Step 2:

At constant bathing the child will have the right to form posture, and he will be more resilient and more nimble. The best thing is to teach a child to swim frog-style, to develop all the muscles equally and uniformly. And, you can teach swimming on his back, because this method is great effect on the development of the chest.

Step 3:

Swimming prepare a child for kindergarten, since this enables the development of sport in general to all the muscles, no exceptions. Besides muscles, develops and motility. For example, one who swims fastest in school to learn to write. In addition, air delay while swimming is an excellent exercise, speech therapy.

Step 4:

Swimming - a great way to heal the glutton or maloezhku. If the child uses too many sweets and fattening, then swimming will help to resolve this problem without resorting to diet aid. Well, maloezhki pluck appetite.

Step 5:

And finally, swimming - it's just a great tool to overcome the diffidence and fear. In addition, swimming is an excellent therapy for the aggressors. Children are often unable to cope with emotions. Sometimes it happens that a child is closed, it becomes shy and uncommunicative. It happens so that children become aggressive and angry. Swimming can fix both of these problems.