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Why, when and how to introduce solid foods a child?

Mother's milk - a delicious and healthy product. But any living being are not fortunate enough to feed them all their lives. This is not a mistake of nature - there is still a lot of useful and tasty dishes with which to meet the kid. What is this for? When is that? Like this? Read below.

Why, when and how to introduce solid foods a child?

At about 6 months of the child's needs for energy and nutrients increase. One or a mixture of breast milk is no longer sufficient for a flurry of activity and the growth of a young organism, and her mother, an additional "headache" - the lure.

In fact, it is not so difficult. The main thing - do not get lost in a sea of ​​conflicting information on the dating system of an adult meal. Let's stick to the WHO recommendations - after all it is the opinions of experts from around the world. Yet think of the execution of the recommendations as guidelines, not as a clear guide to action. Do not forget that all children are different, mom - not robots, and all live in different environments.

Where do you start? Perhaps a sign of readiness for a new food:

- your sun is already 6 months

- it is interesting that you are there to be picked in the plate

- he appeared first tooth - assistant in the development of the new menu

- the baby is healthy and does not suffer recessing next tooth

- baby's weight has doubled compared to birth weight

- lost ejection reflex, due to which the baby is pushed out the language of all the firm that came in his mouth

- I think he no longer eats only one milk.


First Food - not fast food

And then you realize that the "time has come", and there is a second question: what to feed? Here pediatricians opinions vary greatly, but the most popular approach - starting solid foods with vegetables and cereals. Kashi - if you do not get in the weight, vegetables - if all is well with the weight, or even too much. If you have to take a good pediatrician, who can you trust, check with them. He can advise on what is right for your child.

Choosing something like this:

Vegetables - green, boiled, without allergens: zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower Kashi - gluten-free and milk: rice, buckwheat, corn Next introduced fruit purees, then you can move on to new kinds of vegetables, yolk, cheese, meat sauce, and closer to 12 months - to fish. After a year of the baby may begin to have a common table, but again, within reason.


The input system

Let's say you start with vegetable puree and select the first dish "tavern a la insipid." We increase the daily dose to half a teaspoon to the size of a full feeding for 5-7 days. After that we go to the cauliflower. We give it to the minimum portion and tavern serving each day decreases. You can add to the vegetables a few drops of vegetable oil or breast milk. With mother's milk taste dearer and more enjoyable.

For a month, "take root" vegetables, you can proceed to the porridge, and so on. Already a favorite with the product can be transferred to the afternoon meal, and mix something new with something proven.


Rules "VOZpitaniya" The purpose of feeding children - not a substitute for breast milk, and add to it. If your baby prefers the breast, do not worry and do not insist on large portions of the new food. If you have not given water baby, then with the lure must enter dopaivanie. Do not shove the food by force. Only your kid knows he ate or not. He turned away from the spoon? Set aside a plate and allow the chest. Next add the kind of foods after 3-4 weeks after the last (three weeks vegetables, go to porridge, porridge four weeks, the transition to the fruit, etc.) The new product need to "feed" in the morning and follow the reaction of the child's body. First, try the one component in the composition, and then mix it with anything. Do not use salt, sugar and spices, though some pediatricians (for example, Komorowski EG) is recommended to add some salt foods in hot weather. If "novice" there was a reaction in the form of rash, diarrhea or constipation, stop giving this product, but try it in a few more months. Perhaps the time was not ripe for it. Easy chair upset or bloating - not an allergy, but normal behavior of the organism after the usual menu changes.


How to cook it?

Purchase a vegetable or fruit puree is heated in a water bath and allowed to warm, about 37 degrees Celsius.

Vegetables are cooked in water and ground in a blender until smooth. Serve warm, and pretend that it is very tasty.

Cereals for cereals pray in a coffee grinder. They are cooked in the water can be added after the cooking breast milk.

Fruits are rubbed on a special grater or warm up again until smooth. Sweet taste is usually enjoys popular kids.

The meat is cooked well and is ground into a puree. You can mix it with vegetables.


Product requirements

Canned food pediatricians often recommend as a better and more balanced. It is believed that the way it is - according to the manufacturer. It is desirable to ensure that:

Vegetables grown in season in an ecologically clean area of ​​their staff working nature, rather than the chemical industry Psychologist Do not attempt to feed the three-month baby gruel because it already gives your neighbor to your child. If your child after servings of milk or a mixture of feeling good, not capricious and is gaining weight, then the baby is not hungry. In order for new product like, sometimes you need from 7 to 15 retries. Give it a try, but do not insist on an "empty plate". The following times also do not force to eat up. After some time the kid will love and fresh zucchini and sour apple. Do you want your child to eat right? Start with yourself. If you appetite crunch chips and drink their soda, do not expect that my son will be thrilled with the broccoli. Serve the right example. Food should look beautiful, appetizing, interesting. Engage your imagination. Creativity can intrigue and make tasteless tasty. Do not hurry to try everything at once. If you are patient and responsible approach the selection of "adult food" products, this will strengthen the health and accelerate the development of your baby.