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Why women do not want to become mothers

The main role of women in family and society - to be a mother. However, in modern conditions, not all women want to have children. This may be either natural causes or a simple unwillingness to have children.

Why women do not want to become mothers

Instruction is why women do not want to become mothers

Step 1:

The most compelling reason not to have a baby - just do not love their children and to cherish their own freedom and independence. Such women can aspire to achieve success in business, careers, develop in various fields. Sometimes they stand for a baby in the family of other achievements in the service, in the business, sports, arts. It may seem surprising, but the women in the camp of the childfree, not so little - about 7%. To criticize childless women is not, ultimately, in the life of every man is entitled to make a choice.

Step 2:

The second category of childless women - are those who are constantly delaying childbearing. At first she learns, and then gets the first experience on the job, a career, learning to support themselves and their families. It is understood that a small child is much more difficult to make a career, because few employers rejoice permanent sick young mother and given the impossibility of completely. It turns out that modern women often decide to acquire offspring only after 30 years. However, even with a child, you can make significant progress in the service - mothers grow motivation and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and in a shorter time.

Step 3:

Another major reason is the lack of his apartment, a stable job and salary. It is much more difficult to raise a child, when there is a constant fear of being the next month under the threat of eviction from the leased property, when it is necessary to look not only to a new apartment, but the nursery or child's school. So first parents in a hurry to arrange his life and the life, and only then to have children. Overall, this is a very correct decision, but it is not necessary to delay the arrangement for too long, because the output can be found from any situation, if you really want.

Step 4:

Many mothers have a fear that a child may be born with serious diseases or pathologies. Indeed, the risk of a birth of the baby is very large due to the unfavorable ecological situation, the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco carcinogens. Before you decide to start a baby, both parents should be examined and treated, give up bad habits, start to eat right and exercise. Then the risk of having a baby with abnormalities significantly reduced.

Step 5:

Women are often afraid to give birth: it is a pain, complications, it is unclear what will happen during labor and whether it will make her body. Of course, such fears really justified, because many people can not tolerate even the slightest pain. But it is important to remember that the birth - it is a natural process of the female organism. He is ready for it with the appearance of the girls born. And so should have more confidence in your body and the doctors are not giving fears to defeat the desire to have a baby. Ultimately, childbirth and the pain lasts only a few hours, and the happiness of the birth of the child will be with you the rest of your life.

Step 6:

No husband or lover with whom it would be possible to raise a child. This is a serious obstacle to the woman: hardly anyone wants to raise a child alone, and I want to get pregnant from a loved one with whom you can go through any tests, and you can rely on. But often only costs a little to wait and not to dwell on their failures as a young man and the future father of the child immediately there. The main thing - do not despair to find him.