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Why women do not want to give birth?

All women, regardless of age and social status, know that the children - it is fun, but know this feeling tends not every. It would seem that could be better than to raise a continuation of herself and her lover, to see how the child develops over the years, to protect the baby from life's troubles?

Why women do not want to give birth?

Psychologists explain this behavior for several reasons. The most common - the lack of maternal instinct. Because moral unwillingness to devote all his time to raising a child, a woman does not see the point to bear it. Often, such an attitude to motherhood is directly related to young age. As they get older views tend to change.

Do not underestimate the importance and the psychological characteristics of women, including self-interest can prevail. This selfish attitude can cause a reluctance to bear children. Many women simply do not want to accept the fact that almost every free minute they have to devote to the care and upbringing of the child. Some girls do not want to become a mother, because it is very afraid of the physical pain, without which no cost, no one process of childbirth.

A common cause of failure to become a mother - careerism. The desire to build a career at the expense of the natural feminine destiny - one of the first reasons why women are not in a hurry to have children. However, it is not correct, is not always recognized by them in a timely manner. Just reaching success in the professional field, she understands that no career achievements can not be compared to the birth of a child. Of course, the self-realization of women - an important factor. But do not forget that any dizzy career will not replace the feeling that one can experience, first taking the hand of his only child was born.

Under the influence of the information that is regularly fed by the media, many women are afraid of the physical inferiority of their future baby. But we should not forget that the risk of having an unhealthy baby is most often the case when the parents (especially the mother) do not look after their health and do not pay enough attention to this aspect.

The uncertainty in their own abilities are also reflected in the decision of women to delay motherhood. Unreliable source of income differentials in the money supply, lack of social protection - all this is an obstacle for the birth of a baby. Often a woman is simply afraid that the child can not provide everything you need.

Of course, it is possible in different ways to look at this position of women - do not give birth, but men who do not share the decision, referred to all the arguments and reasons - excuses. After all, a woman who sees his main point in the birth of a child, be sure to find ways to provide it with all the best.