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Will the hospital without a generic certificate

Upcoming childbirth cause many expectant mothers fear and excitement. Fears associated not only with the birth process itself, but also with the way the new mother will be met at the hospital. For those women who do not have time to issue some documents before the birth, the question arises, whether the hospital will no generic certificate?

Will the hospital without a generic certificate

To obtain a generic certificate is enough to be registered in the antenatal clinic. It is important to bear in mind that the medical organization should necessarily be public. When viewed in a private clinic to receive the birth certificate will fail.

When a generic clearance certificate is enough to have Russian citizenship, and to present a passport, MHI policy and pension certificate. If a pregnant woman has a foreign citizen or stateless, then it must comply with the conditions of legal stay on the territory of the Russian Federation and have the OMC policy.

An important condition for the generic certificate is also continuous monitoring in the antenatal clinic for at least 12 weeks. For example, a woman was observed up to 30 weeks in a private clinic, and after the deadline decided to register with the state women's clinic. In such a situation pregnant can not get birth certificate in the antenatal clinic.

If for whatever reason you do not have time to issue birth certificate, then do not worry. In the hospital you will be without a generic certificate. After the delivery of health services will draw it to you.

The women who came to give birth under the contract also should not worry about the question of whether the hospital will no generic certificate. hospital services will be paid by the expectant mother, entering into a contract. In this situation, the state funds and birth certificate will be required.