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Winter walk with a toddler

Nature magic has not been studied, but the others can be attributed to the transformation of the streets in the winter season? One morning you wake up, go outside and freeze with delight - everything was frozen and dazzling sun shines. Where does the mischief with which you step off the beaten track on the untrodden snow and make a couple of steps? Admit it, you do want to dive into the snow and lie. But you're an adult! .. So is not accepted. Good news: the company with crumbs all this is not even necessary!

Winter walk with a toddler The very first walk

In babies, who were born in the winter season, a lot of advantages. These kids have a strong character and health. Here are just a mother belong to them as helpless, weak beings, and protect from everything. Including the fresh air. But even if the crumb was born in the winter, and on the street below zero temperatures, it can not be deprived of fresh air.

The kid was filled week? He can walk! Obviously, if the street is not lower than -10C. The duration of the first walk - 5-10 minutes. Time is necessary to increase the time. Especially for young mothers clothing manufacturers have developed slingokurtki (there is a separate hood and place the sling like a child in a jacket). In addition, contact with the mother allows crumbs to feel protected.

The kid is exploring the world

Since then, as a pipsqueak learn how to sit, walk your change. Now the kid is not loaded and does not plump wrapped in an envelope. He no longer sleeps in the street, and looks into my eyes. You have to take it out of the carriage, at the same time move the child and bear a baby in a rather bulky clothes ... Sound familiar? We give a hint: the child needs a quick change of pictures and meaningful employment. That is Mommy should something very exciting to tell, and at the same time to time something to show. Sculpt snowballs and let them touch your baby, draw a stick in the snow various pictures.

Playing in the snow

In frosty weather and the absence of wet snow baby can safely pull with the arms and let him crawl a little. Just be careful not to crumb was sitting in one place. And of course, such experiments leave at the end of the walk. 5-10 minutes - and immediately home, warm and dry gloves.

With regard to children who are already taking their first steps, for them there is a period of exploration and discovery. The bright-eyed kid in the snow climb, and try the taste of snow. Remove from the pan carriage machine, bucket, molds and shovel and have the child to build a tunnel to clear the track. Make sure that the baby did not take off gloves, monitor their condition. With you always have to be a replacement that immediately after the game to replace them with snow.

Alternate active and passive exercises. Once the child is a little digging, ask them to run a race.

Entertainment for crumbs

Fun for a baby in the winter is not so much, but my mother-dreamer necessarily up. Show the chubby little boy, how you can arrange your own snow. Give to touch the twig and shake it a little bit. Pick up some snow from the snowdrift and bring to krohotule, let it shake off the ground. It is also possible to arrange a snow-white fireworks. Toss up a fluffy mass and to substitute for her cheeks.

Another feasible exercise for baby - insert a small twig in the snow, which blinded mom. Just make sure that the crumb they do not hurt.