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With no need to buy baby

Every parent in his life did thoughtless and unnecessary purchases for their children. But the family budget can be saved, if we consider the more useless Statistics shopping for kids. This list is compiled from the experience of millions of young parents, so you should pay attention to it.

With no need to buy baby

Instruction that do not need to buy baby

Step 1:

Ready kit newborn. Cheaper and more useful to fill a first aid kit for a child on their own. The finished kit contains a lot of unnecessary things - it's a marketing ploy to make you more money.

Step 2:

Scales for the baby. If your baby is healthy, it does not require daily weighing. Weigh the newborn can be a month in the clinic, especially since such visits are mandatory up to a year. Even if a certain period is necessary to weigh the baby is often more profitable to take the weight for hire or borrow from friends.

Step 3:

Sterilizer for nipple. It is not recommended to teach newborn to greenhouse conditions. Many experts know that even expensive sterilizers - useless. Pacifier that fell on the floor, rather rinse with warm water.

Step 4:

Heater for wet wipes. The device according to experienced parents - useless in the house. Wet wipes, which usually need to be used quickly, easily warm in his hand.

Step 5:

Recyclers diaper. Since urine in the newborn has no unpleasant odor, diapers easier to just throw in the trash. Given the fact that in our country the garbage is not sorted correctly dispose of diapers at home makes no sense.

Step 6:

Walkers. Children's pediatricians, neurologists and surgeons against this device. Walkers prevent the proper development of the child, especially if the kids often and long to keep them. A walker, children begin to go wrong themselves.

Step 7:

Jumpers. Many children do not like to spend time in jumpers, moreover, this device can be harmful to the newborn.

Step 8:

Baby changing table. Only in the first few months of life, the baby may need this piece of furniture. Usually, changing table is unnecessary parents as changing a baby can be used and a bed and a sofa. Once the child begins to move more actively, changing table becomes dangerous for him (often children fall from it, even in the age of 3-4 months.).

Step 9:

Baby Food Warmer. Preheat food a newborn who is breastfed, it makes no sense. Up to 6 months, the child should be fed only breast.

Step 10:

Cot. When sharing the dream cot for a child is often unnecessary, and just collect dust in the room, or becomes a place of storage of things in it. When the child grows up (2-3 years), it has already buy another bed or a children's bed. Canopy - as an unnecessary thing that prevents the normal circulation of air in the sleeping place of the child, and gathers a lot of dust.