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You can or can not be activated carbon during pregnancy

Activated carbon - one of the most effective and harmless products for the treatment of poisoning, bloating, digestive disorders. However, whether it is possible to take it during pregnancy can not be held if it is a threat to the health of the fetus or the mother? Should I take charcoal or better to beware?

You can or can not be activated carbon during pregnancy

In every home medicine cabinet contains a pair of bundles of activated carbon. This is the first drug for treatment of food poisoning and colic problems with digestion. Coal is practically harmless drug, it works as adsorbent: incorporates all poisons, pathogens and toxins, and then outputs them together with the excrement.

However, during pregnancy, even completely harmless drugs cause in women suspected. So is it possible to be treated with activated carbon while awaiting a baby, not whether it will harm to the fetus or the mother's body?

Take coal or not during pregnancy

Whenever you feel unwell, pregnant women before taking drugs should consult with a doctor. Many drugs is prohibited to assign pregnant. With activated carbon the situation is slightly different. When poisoning spoiled food or colic, you can take the coal, without fear that it will harm the child.

When ingested, the drug coal due to its porous structure absorbs from the intestines of all poisons and toxins, and then after seven o'clock removes them from the mother's body along with the feces. The blood of coal does not suck, and, therefore, does not fall into the placenta, hence, does not harm the fetus.

On the other hand, when food poisoning not receive an adsorbent, the toxins, poisons and other harmful substances in the blood and penetrate can adversely affect a baby. Therefore, it is recommended in case of poisoning call a doctor and to eat a few pills or activated charcoal capsules with a glass of water. For pregnant women the drug dosage is different from dosing for other people: one tablet per ten kilogram.

When heartburn, nausea, flatulence is also possible to use activated carbon, enough half to two grams of the drug.

The harm and side effects of activated carbon

Long-term acceptance of coal may lead to leaching of the intestinal microflora as with poisons and toxins charcoal adsorbs vitamins, minerals, beneficial bacteria. Therefore it is recommended to drink coal during pregnancy only as needed. It is desirable at this time also taking vitamins, but the gap between the coal and the use of vitamins should not be less than three hours.

Some pregnant women sometimes pulls strongly on coal. In this case, do not vigorously resist better to eat one or two pills and calm, in a meager amount is unlikely to cause harm to the body.

constipation or diarrhea may occur Side effects of activated carbon. With long-term use of vitamin deficiencies appear. In addition, Cal takes the black color, it is quite normal, so it should not be afraid.

Activated carbon is sure to help pregnant women cope with poisoning, heartburn, bloating, but they should not be abused, otherwise you can deplete your body. Take coal from the mind and it is desirable only when necessary!