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10 myths about education

There are many misconceptions and assumptions about education. Here are some common myths that many have heard.

10 myths about education

1. Higher education is necessary for everyone to be secured. This is the greatest error. There are hundreds of well-known and richest people in the world who do not have higher education. For example, Bill Gates, we all know that this is one of the richest people in the world. He has no higher education. This may also include the famous Coco Chanel, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of social network facebook.

2. Children will need to visit educational institutions. Education and good can not receive at home, and some of the children to be contraindicated in the team.

3. The earlier a child begins in school, the better. A six year old child with seven years of a different perception of information. Between seven and six years is a very important step. Last year is very important for a child's development. The seven-year children tend to show much better results than six years old. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

4. Provincial Schools Education worse than the capital. The provinces are also working great teachers with great experience. Everywhere you can find good teachers, the program is the same everywhere, regardless of the remoteness of the region.

5. Education abroad is better than in Russia. Russian students who came to study abroad, performed better than local students. Thus, we can conclude that Russia is far from being the worst education, as many believe.

6. The school provides more knowledge, the family. Of course, the school provides a huge reservoir of knowledge in different subjects. But the family is able to learn a lot, besides, of a child surrounded by people whom he trusts.

7. The old teacher teaches better than the young. The ability to learn does not depend on age, but on professionalism.

8. The key to success - a great memory. It is not always so. Children with poor memory are much better oriented in the material, and always know where to quickly find the desired information.

9. When a school is required to have a child to be able to read, write and count. Not necessarily, the kid will learn this in school. Teachers harder to correct mistakes parents who attempt to teach the child. The easiest way to learn from scratch.

10. Parents know best what profession to choose a child. This is the most common mistake. It is not necessary to impose the opinion to another person, even if it is your child. Let teenager will choose their way.