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As a grade pupils

School evaluation - a scourge not only students but also teachers themselves. How to expose them to your ward? How not to be mistaken, to be objective in this delicate matter? It often depends on a single assessment outcome of the child's academic achievement.

As a grade pupils

Instruction how to expose students to assess

Step 1:

For students of middle and high school used a 5-point system assessment, which assumes maximum "five" and a minimum score - "unit". Describe points can be as follows: 5 - excellent, 4 - good, 3 - satisfactory, 2 - unsatisfactory, 1 - very badly.

Step 2:

To expose students to assess, refer to the rules contained in national programs for each specific school subject. To be objective, just check what has been specified, and be prepared to argue the mark. You may lower one point for a general view of unkempt.

Step 3:

Do not make any marks for bad behavior in the magazine, along with notes about the progress on the subject. Do this only in the blog to draw the attention of parents. However, if the child is too distracted in class and does not listen to you, then this estimate may be adequate if it does not respond to the question you asked.

Step 4:

Plan a lesson so that the interview at least five people. The minimum level of the number of grades in school - one mark for each month of each student. Given the size of the class, to achieve this lesson should be held quite actively, but be careful not to underestimate the assessment of a slow reaction, give your child some time to answer the question.

Step 5:

A grade to all students during the written tests. Works and exposition evaluate double mark for grammar and content. Carry out the checks until the next lesson according to the accepted norms Zun (knowledge, skills).

Step 6:

Give extra time was absent in the control classes due to illness or because of the absence from the student, and also received "unsatisfactory". If necessary, make an optional activity for those who do not have time on your subject.

Step 7:

Findings of the interim (for a quarter, half-year) and final (for the year) assessment, based on the average score of all the marks obtained by a pupil during a specified period. If it is too low or there are "debts" for the control or homework, give extra time for the retake.

Step 8:

Put at the oral replies, "5", if the student fully disclosed the content of a given material, skillfully used the knowledge gained to work independently, accurately applied the accepted symbols or terms, showed the stability of acquired skills. Forgivable one or two small inaccuracies on reservation or negligence "4." - Mistakes were made in covering additional issues, frequent prompts teacher's questions, there are small gaps without distorting the common response "3" -. The content of the material disclosed did not fully, but the student has shown general understanding of the topic, there is no resistance skills, the inability to immediately apply knowledge in new problem, inaccurate terminology or object symbols, can not be answered without leading questions "2." - content of the material not disclosed, the student does not know most of the set volume threads numerous errors in the solution , the use of terminology that are impossible to correct even after leading questions.

Step 9:

Evaluate written work on the "5" - maximum 1 structurally unstable error, the overall accuracy of the work performed, good spelling is "4" - 2 errors and 2 inaccuracies plus good design and literacy learner "3" - up to 4 errors and 5 inaccuracies.. . neatly decorated "2" - 4 more blunders.