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As noted elementary school graduation

Graduation from primary school - is a major holiday like graduation from the 11th grade. And for the meeting should be prepared very carefully. And it's not just in the script. Provide you need a huge number of different parts.

As noted elementary school graduation

You will need:

- Souvenirs; - Paper; - A pair of scissors; - Menu; - Balloons; - bubble; - satin ribbons; - Paint; - Colour pencils; - Sheets of A1 format.

Instruction how to mark the graduation of elementary school

Step 1:

Be sure to prepare the room for the exhaust. This may be a school auditorium or a children's cafe. Decorate it according to the occasion. Balloons, colorful and bright ribbons, posters are not redundant. Think about where and how you place the parents of young graduates. After all, for them it is also a very important event.

Step 2:

Then it's up to the scenario of the event. Various skits, poems and songs are welcome. Programs for 30-40 minutes would be sufficient. Be sure to connect to the preparation of the official line of the graduates themselves.

Step 3:

Consider rewarding. You can select it a separate unit or be included in the game. For example, according to this principle: Competition - nomination contest - nomination, etc. Prepare and prizes, both for competition and in the form of gifts for their achievements in academic or creative class life. For example, you can make medals for certain achievements and handing them each student in personal nomination.

Step 4:

After the official part of the entertainment sure to plan a tea party. This can be done directly in the school, for example, in a classroom. In most cases, such an event are trying to be noted in the cafe. If you choose the second option, your chances increase significantly. You will be able to hire clowns, animators invite children or arrange a show of soap bubbles.

Step 5:

If the celebration is expected in school, you can still arrange an unforgettable holiday for children. Buy more fruits and sweets, you arrange the office, arrange with someone of the parents to stay animator. Arrange competitions, create puzzles, etc.

Step 6:

The main thing with the celebration of graduation from primary school - not to delay the event. If too long to develop the program, children will lose interest and quickly get tired.