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How do I unsubscribe from a teacher

If a teacher behaves inappropriately or disrespectful to the students or the students, you have every right to ask the teacher to change the order, who are more responsible attitude to fulfill their job responsibilities.

How do I unsubscribe from a teacher

Instruction how to opt out from the teacher

Step 1:

The reasons for the emergence of the desire to change the teacher may be several. The most common - extortion. If a teacher from the very first lesson alludes to the fact that the object can pass it the only one who will give him something or will have financial support, it has no place in the education system.

Step 2:

The second reason for refusal of the teacher - disrespectful behavior toward students. Despite the fact that the teacher must still be more important because he is older and more experienced, he has no right to humiliate students or be rude to them. Some young teachers in particular tend to specifically "podnachivat" students, taking advantage of their privileged position that - so they show their superiority and entertain your own ego.

Step 3:

The reason can serve, and his lack of professionalism (about some teachers really can say that they know less than the students, despite the knowledge of teachers developed control system) - your knowledge need not suffer from this.

Step 4:

To abandon the teacher will have to collect the signatures of all those who disagree with his method of pupils or students. Of course, many will be afraid to sign up for such a request - because the teacher can not change, and then all will have hard times. However, make sure classmates or parents of other children, if it happens at a school in need of collecting signatures. Explain to them that "the one in the field - not a warrior." Only a mass protest against the behavior of the teacher will make a replacement.

Step 5:

The first instance, where you have to call, after the written statement - a school principal's office or the dean's office. Attach to the application a list of signatures. If the director or dean of the shrug and refuse to do anything about it, write a letter to the Ministry of Education using e-mail or regular mail. The answer to your complaint should come within a month.