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How not to fail the exam

The examination is time - the period of increased stress, because in some cases the failure may close the road to higher education or to deprive scholarships. To rid yourself of twos and mulligans, do not necessarily spend all their time on the intensive training. There are several effective ways to not fail the exam.

How not to fail the exam

You will need:

Examples of the theoretical part.

Instruction how not to fail the exam

Step 1:

In preparation for the exam pick on each ticket a few striking examples, preferably, those which are not voiced by the teacher. As a rule, they are remembered better than theory. In addition, interesting facts and amusing practical cases will make your answer more vivid. At the exam, sometimes you will be enough to recall the examples, to play in the memory of the theoretical part.

Step 2:

Try to have at least a minimum of knowledge on each ticket. During the time allocated for training, record the basic facts that you remember. Try to think logically and to remember the missing information. For example, in subjects humanitarian cycle response to some tickets will help build your general knowledge, knowledge of other disciplines.

Step 3:

If you have time, try to listen to the answers the other handing over. Your comrades can get similar tickets, and as a result you will be able to hear the date, names, formulas, laws, that will help you remember the information you need, and in some cases even generate a full response.

Step 4:

During the response hold confidently say well-formed sentences. Even if you know the answer to bad ticket, do not show this. However, if the teacher asks you a specific question that you can not answer, honestly admit it, not trying to invent anything, and reducing confidence in you.

Step 5:

If the examination takes place in writing, try to concentrate and make the most jobs. Even if you do not know the correct answer or solution, write any. Try to show the course of your thoughts: in some cases, teachers can increase the score for this already.

Step 6:

If the test in front of you, never leave empty responses: if you do not know the right, select any random. So you significantly increase the chances for a good result. When selecting options on a strange question, proceed by elimination: Cuts obviously absurd and wrong answers, and then stop at the highest appropriate meaning.