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How quickly learn physics

Physics - one of the basic sciences, the natural sciences. It is on a par with chemistry and biology. In their laws and methods of physics is based on the mathematical apparatus. Like any other science, it has its own system of definitions and assumptions.

How quickly learn physics

You will need:

- textbook; - Book of problems; - Workshop; - Notebook; - pens.

Instruction how to quickly learn physics

Step 1:

Imagine a huge cake with lots of cream, biscuit and chocolate. So, learn the physics of fast - the same that quickly eat this cake: like all tasty, great, but if you try to swallow all at once - not assimilate. Worse - will come out. So try to plan your time so that gradually eat a small piece and avoid dangerous satiety.

Step 2:

General physics course consists of several sections: mechanics, thermodynamics and fundamentals of molecular-kinetic theory of electricity and magnetism, optics, quantum mechanics, nuclear physics. These core areas are studied usually in that order.

Step 3:

Since physics is based on the math, you have to master the mathematical apparatus. If in the process of studying physics showed some mathematical spaces - try to fill them or to understand the physical material will be difficult.

Step 4:

The physical system of concepts is not as strict as in mathematics, so to study the theory and practice can be both. In contrast to the dry mathematics, the natural sciences require creative, active work of imagination and consideration "psychology" of the science itself. Any phenomenon of physics - not some abstract thing, but a very real event.

Step 5:

Sign the separate pieces of the value of the input terms of their physical meaning. Clearly distinguish between the concept of one from the other, but at the same time build the relationship between them. For example, the power - it is the work done per unit of time. Remember the formula for and substitute it into the formula for power.

Step 6:

Spend all the recommended course of laboratory work in the form to them in accordance with the requirements. As a rule, the technical universities put the physics exam only if you have all the "labs" delivered. For each topic, solve the fundamental problems, including quality.

Step 7:

In the study of the subject will help you compiling cribs. This will allow you to quickly reach all the key points, organize and summarize their knowledge. In the exam using cribs is not recommended: it will confuse you and an unsuccessful scenario opposed to you teacher.