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How to act on the diploma

Preparation defense speech to the thesis work - a serious and important matter. Within a short period of time should have time to properly characterize the basic stages of research.

How to act on the diploma

Instruction how to act on the diploma

Step 1:

Prepare a written plan for protecting speech to your thesis work in advance. It is better to avoid difficult to understand, unpronounceable words and phrases. Divide it in the introduction, the main and final.

Step 2:

Consider a few words of welcome the members of the examination committee. Then, in the introductory part of the speech will announce the topic of the thesis, justify its relevance, specify the purpose, object and subject of study. Do not rush to the pronunciation of words, as this can cause shallow breathing and increase the excitement.

Step 3:

The main part of protective speech theoretical theses bring in summary form - the maximum two sentences. The optimal number of abstracts - three or four. Briefly characterize the object under study, reported the results of the analysis. Indicate obstacles to the effective functioning of the reporting "mechanism".

Step 4:

When lighting your practical performance based on specific data and research base. Notify Commission on what exactly the company or in any institution organized methods and experiments that test theoretical postulates. Reinforce the approval of the various facts and figures.

Step 5:

Report on the results of empirical research. Provide recommendations for the improvement of the illuminated process or phenomenon. Add the expected results, which can make the company after implementation of your technique in the production.

Step 6:

In the final part of the work ozvuchte findings of your research. Typically, this is a positive result, which is possible to achieve after the introduction of the proposed technologies. He graduated from the speech of gratitude words, for example: "Thank you."