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How to analyze activity

In order to achieve high results in educational and educational activities, the teacher has to learn not only the right and interesting to be planning lessons, but also to analyze them. This skill is also required him after attending a class colleagues.

How to analyze activity

Instruction how to analyze activity

Step 1:

At the beginning of the analysis is required to specify the subject and the date of the session.

Step 2:

List the goals and objectives that put the teacher in front of children, as well as mark the way in which he voiced them (in the form of a question or problem statement presentation purposes and objectives of both popular and relevant in today's world).

Step 3:

Specify how successfully entered this occupation in all thematic planning of educational material, can be seen a connection with the previous studies.

Step 4:

Consistently analyze each stage of the activity: organizing time, warm, creative, individual or collective activity of children, game time, explanation of new material, etc.

Step 5:

Note whether the relationship is well thought out and the chronological sequence of components of a class, as well as how well the job matches, trained teachers, age-ability children.

Step 6:

Give a positive assessment of the variety of forms and methods used by the tutor or teacher in class and note the extent to which they were relevant in relation to the subject and level of training of children.

Step 7:

Report an emotional situation created by the teacher. If he managed to emancipate children, motivate them to active, to find an individual approach to each child, be sure to write about it in the analysis.

Step 8:

Be sure to list the equipment that the teacher used in his work with children: a varied visual illustrations, music, overhead projector, whiteboard, personal computers, handouts in the form of cards, tables, etc.

Step 9:

In conclusion, the analysis check whether it was carefully timed the work the guys at every stage of employment, whether the teacher was able, together with children achieve goals and manage to fulfill all that has been planned.