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How to be a good economist

Despite the constant talk about the oversaturation of the market financiers, representatives of the profession to this day among the most popular and highly paid professionals. And professionals in this area is still lacking. How to become a good economist?

How to be a good economist

Instruction how to be a good economist

Step 1:

Higher education. Long gone are the times when economists can build a successful career only on the basis of secondary education. Today it is necessary to finish university and then not odin.Vysoky interest in specialty spawned and highest offer today Faculty of Economics opened in every second university. Thus far all experts are willing to stand. Many universities have received a license to train economists based have almost no economic school, neither their teaching methods or proper staffing. As a result, the graduate receives a "crust" and a very vague idea about the profession. It is therefore particularly sought after graduates of leading universities: Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Higher School of Economics, Moscow State University, Russian Economic University. Plekhanov, SUM, MGIMO, and others.

Step 2:

Practice, practice and more practice. Work experience increases the attractiveness in the eyes of the employer and the size of the young specialist salary several times. Therefore, students of economics makes sense to think about finding a job in the specialty course at 3-4. This will gain invaluable experience and at the end of high school to become a sought-after specialist.

Step 3:

Further training and self-education. Various trainings, seminars, books and courses that can help in the work of the economist in work today countless. Engage your education can and should be a regular. Great career prospects may open MBA program, but this program is designed for specialists with higher education and with at least three years of experience.