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How to be a warden in the classroom

City mayor suggests a large number of duties and responsibilities. Such a function can only be carried out in good faith the disciples. They should be able to organize a team to work and have a good evaluation.

How to be a warden in the classroom

Instruction how to be prefect in the classroom

Step 1:

Cultivate self-discipline. Understand that the mayor should be an example for the other students. Therefore absences may adversely affect the attitude towards you teachers and students. Try also to show positive academic performance. This will be a huge plus.

Step 2:

Keep attendance log. Celebrate each day passes with the letter "H" in the event that a student is not present for valid reason. "U" - if he had already said, why he can not be in the classroom. "B" - if given a certificate of medical institution where the student received treatment or examination. At the end of each week and month, summing up all the gaps, placing the figure in the corresponding column. Provide log on painting teacher after each lesson and to check at the end of the month.

Step 3:

Report all violations of the established order in the institution. Each school has a special regulation which prohibits DPS property institutions to change the class schedule or even in any way contribute to the disruption of the educational process. Each school can even include your additional items to the general rules. Task elders - promptly report violations seen on the class teacher or the school administration.

Step 4:

Serving as the leader of the organizing different events. In addition to the educational process in the school and outside the regularly held competitions, hiking, sporting events. Of course, for each of these events need a good organizer from all groups of students. For your class it should be you, as mayor. Pick one or more assistants. Tell everyone about the upcoming event. Define the role of each student, which he has to perform for.

Step 5:

Help your classmates. Task elders - not just to be better than their classmates estimated and discipline, but also to help them in difficult moments. Each of them may have a conflict or a difficult situation. You need to resolve these cases through joint efforts.