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How to compose the bibliographic description

Bibliographic description is part of the bibliographic record, which is made in order to have a complete picture of a particular publication, and it is easy to identify. For effective exchange of information on books, articles, etc. ISBD - special standard for cataloging has been developed through international cooperation. And on this basis - national guests. They define the totality of the order and the information required for the publication of specifications.

How to compose the bibliographic description

You will need:

Text GOST 7.1-84

Instruction how to compose the bibliographic description

Step 1:

First, determine the type of document that is subject to disclosure. This may be a one-volume printed edition and an electronic resource. This depends on the fact what information will be used in the specification and the order in which they are located.

Step 2:

The next step is to determine what or who compiled a bibliographic record. After all, depending on the institution or the purpose of description used its brief or extended form. In accordance with the standard recording elements are required, i.e. those which are always present and provide basic information and optional, i.e. used as additional information about the publication.

Step 3:

After that you can go directly to the recording itself and, in particular, to its essential elements: main title, Publication number, place and date of issue, volume and ISBN or ISSN. When writing all the elements of bibliographic records is necessary to strictly observe conventional separators. They are governed by a special document - GOST 7.1-84.

Step 4:

Begin with the bibliographic record of the title. First there are information about the author or creator - surname and initials. This is followed by the name of the source and, if necessary, co-author of the information, translators or other people or organizations, confirming the accuracy of the information in the source.

Step 5:

Completes the description of International Standard Book Number ISBN. It consists of the 10 most abbreviations and Arabic numerals, which are recorded in four groups separated by a hyphen, and represent different identifiers. 1 group - the country or linguistic area, -izdatelstvo 2, 3 - book a room at the publishing output, 4 - digit to verify the correct spelling of numbers. For periodicals and serials indicated ISSN number.